Oscar McHolly is a sim living with his grandmother, Frea Van Baer, his two housekeepers, Muriel White and Thelma Carlston, and his pets, Dory, Auntie and Pops. His parents, Wilbur McHolly and Wanda McHolly, are working in the Netherlands, with his sister, Miranda McHolly, who is attending college. He is known for his nasal voice and his Simlish/Yat accent.


Oscar wears a white shirt, occasionally a sweater, a monocle and black trousers. His eye color is brown, with dark eye bags. His fingers are long and skinny. He bites his fingernails when they pass over his fingertips. Lips are dry, and has a normal shaped nose, with nostrils large enough to be picked. Stomach is a bit plump. He has a hunchback, which his grandmother always nags about. His hair is occasionally messy and has a bit of dandruff.


He is an Aries, who prides himself seeing that most of his friends has birthdays after April. When someone borrows his stuff, he nags about it all the time. When he is insulted, he will either slap the insulter on the head/face, smile deviously and grab a broom, or count to 3. He is very grumpy, especially when disturbed in a bad mood. Is a very good liar, an excellent counsel, a deaf listener and is a neat-freak slob.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Plays the computer
  • Play with his pets
  • Read a good, non-boring book
  • Scratch his head
  • The Paranormal
  • Herbs and ancient traditions
  • Mythology
  • The Middle Ages
  • Serpents
  • Birds
Oscar McHolly
Name Oscar McHolly
Gender Male
Life State Human
Life stage Teen
Aspiration Fortune
Sign Aries

The McHolly Family
Parents Wilbur McHolly, Wanda McHolly
Sibling(s) Miranda McHolly

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