Peggy Youth is a Sim in the downloadable town of Pineview. She is the main best friend of the other female neighbors. She had lived in Pineview the longest and had raised a son to childhood, Darwin, and was married to her scholarly husband, Marlin. One night while in the park during a thunderstorm she is struck by lightening and killed. Her death brings the other lead characters (Bonnie, Anita, Florentina and Joanna) together as best friends. Many Sims speculated that Marlin killed her for an unknown reason. Her ghost now haunts the park where she was killed and as a ghost she watches over her neighbors and friends.

During the Clara Shin storyline, Peggy's ghost managed to stop Clara from fleeing the blazing park, by frieghening her and thus killing her.

The Next Generation

When the stories resume, 5 years later it is revealed that the park has been re-built. Peggy's grave has become the center piece of Pineview Park. Her ghost can still be seen but so significant storyline takes place for her. Her grave is surronded by a flower bed spelling Remeber.

Generation 03

When the stories pick-up, 3 years later Peggy's grave is still the center of Pineview Park, her ghost appears at night. She now has a great-grand-daughter, Bunny Wilson.

Peggy Youth
Hi! My name is Peggy Youth!
Name Peggy Youth
Gender Female
Life stage Adult
Aspiration Family
Sign Aries

Spouse(s) Marlin Youth (husband)
Child(ren) Darwin Youth (son)
Martine Youth (grand-daughter)

Neighborhood Pineview