Pineview is a lush, small, suburban town. Though it seems like a peaceful and quiet town for all kinds of Sims to live it most certainly is not. The town is filled with drama, death and love. It all began when one of the towns main neighbors, Peggy Youth, dies mysteriously. Her death brings the other main neighbors (Bonnie Rossim, Anita Coosband,Florentina Jugo, Joanna Quarren and later Suzie Custer) together as friends. This also helps the neighbors form an awkward bond with Suzanne Todd. Each of the Sim's life is filled with heartbreak and happiness...


Name Status
Ken Rossim artist
Cal Scroll Waiter
Jed Quarren stripper
Abraham Wilt barman
Franklin Coosband dancer
the group the full monty


  • Anita Wilt-Coosband, is a very domestic and family-oriented sim. She becomes friends with the other housewives after the death of Peggy. She is at first married to Abraham Wilt. He dies and she deals with the fallout of his affair. She later falls in love again and marries Franklin Coosband. She and Abe had two children Devlin Wilt and Annabel Wilt. Anita deals with a variety of issues from being a mis-treated wife and mother to a widow to being a newly wed and young grand-mother. She eventually comes to grips with her im-perfect life and dies happily.
  • Bonnie Scroll-Rossim, is a very clumsy and loving sim. She becomes friends with the other housewives after the death of Peggy. She is at first a divorced mother who is now raising her daughter, Valerie Scroll on her own, as an artist. She quickly falls in love with a new neighbor, Ken Rossim. After a series of obstacles the two finally marry. He and Bonnie eventually have a son, Clyde Rossim. Bonnie's ex-husband, Cal Scroll, continues to butt into their lives but Ken and Bonnie conquer all the obstacles that come their way. she deals with heartbreak and eventually happiness.
  • Florentina King-Jugo, is a wealthy and money-hungry sim. She becomes friends with the other housewives after the death of Peggy. She is at first a spoiled and bored housewife. She is married to a crook, Gerald Jugo. She begins an affair with their house-keeper, Drake King. She and Gerald eventually divorce and she marries Drake who becomes Mayor. He neglects Flo just like Gerald did and Flo realizes that she still and always will love Gerald. Drake soon dies and she re-marries Gerald. They eventually have a daughter, Esme Jugo, who turns out nothing like Flo. Flo then becomes a sucessful therapist and author.
  • Joanna Quarren, is a maternal and fertile sim. She becomes friends with the other housewives after the death of Peggy. She is at first adepressed homemaker who has to juggle everything while raisisng 3 kids, Harvey Quarren, Blanche Quarren and Dorothy Quarren and trying to keep her husband, Jed Quarren happy. She then must raise a fourth child after Jed is abducted by aliens and gives birth to a son, Zed Quarren. Throuhg it all though she manages to produce four happy and healthy sims. She deals with family, being addicted to caffinee and having aspiration/wish breakdowns.
  • Peggy Youth & Toni Shell-Youth, two very loving and understanding sims. Peggy dies in the stories beginning leaving behind a husband Marlin Youth and a son, Darwin Youth. Toni becomes the Youth live-in maid and nanny after Peggy's death and she and Marlin soon fall in love. Toni leaves and whil she is gone gives birth to a son, Ernest Shell, who is not marlin's. She eventually returns and she and Marlin marry and raise Ernest and Darwin together. Peggy's ghost watches over her family and the neighborhood from Pineview Park.
  • Suzanne Schwann-Todd, is a seductive and manipulative sim. She is close to Pegyy but even after her death never really becomes friends with the other housewives. She is an enemy of Bonnie Rossim and rival for Ken Rossim's affection, Bonnie wins. She has numerous lover and a son, Davis Schwann, from a previous un-named lover. She eventually becomes serious with one of her lovers, Alec Todd and the two marry. However, Alec has a dark past and in the end murder's Suzanne.
  • Suzie Alido-Custer, is a pragmatic sim. She used to live in Pineview and knew Peggy and Bonnie. She returns and quickly re-connects with Bonnie and clashes with Anita as both are domestic types. When she returns she has divorced her abusive husband, Cyrus. She brings with her their daughter, Dahlia Alido. Suzie reveals that she left years ago because of her job in the SCIA. Suzie begins a romance with another sim, Blare Custer. They eventually marry after her ex-husband tries to kill her. She deals with finding love in all the wrong places.

Pineview Park

Pineview Park Is the center of town, where many happy and sad moments occur in the lives of the Sims that in-habit Pineview.


Pineview has had only 3 Mayors to date.

Name Status
Drake King Deceased
Harvey Quarren Resigned
Winston Othel Left Town

First Lady's

Name Status
Florentina King Deceased
Sharon Quarren Resigned
Vy Othel Left Town

The Next Generation

The Next Generation or TNG is the second set of stories, in which the children of the original neighhbors become the focal points as their parents find happiness and peace in their golden years.

Generation 03

Generation 03 or G3 is the third set of stories, this time the grand-children of the original inhabitants become the main focus of the stories. Their parents deal with becoming elders and coming to the end of their days.

Pineview: Descendants

Pineview: Descendants, was the finale glimpse of the Pineview stories. It saw the great-grand-children of the real inhabitants begin their adult lives. The names of the sims and the open-ended ends of their lives were modeled after the beginning of the stories.