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Reggie Andrews
The Redeeming Reggie




Trauma Surgeon
Medical Intern


"Reggie" (nick-name)


Trent Andrews (father; deceased)
Estelle Andrews (mother; deceased)
Lucia Andrews (step-mother; deceased)


Angela Andrews (sister)
Escobar Reyes (step-brother)


Catherine Andrews (ex-wife)
Harry Repel (ex-husband)
Harry Repel (husband)


Harry Repel (ex-lover)
Maurice Dalton (ex-lover)
Carl Dendritch (ex-boyfriend)
Maurice Dalton (ex-boyfriend)


Veronica Andrews-Repel (adoptive daughter)
Skye Sommers (daughter)


Gloria Gardner (grand-daughter)
Serena Sommers (grand-daughter)
Jesse Gibson (grand-son)
Etta Howl (grand-daughter)
Joey Andrews (nephew)

Cause for Departure

Went to Egypt. (1st Time)
Series Finale. (2nd Time)


Dr. Reginald "Reggie" Andrews is a sim in the fictional town of Sun-Crest Point. Reggie is noted for had to deal with an array of problems throughout his life. Confusion about is sexuality, coming out, dealing with his homophobic father, discovering he has a long lost daughter and, his on and, off romance with Harry Repel.


Reggie is first mentioned upon his ex-wife, Catherine Andrews, return to town. She tells her sister, Alicia Cabot, that she and Reggie are separated. Though Alicia is happy to see her estranged sister, Alicia believes there is more. She manages to leave Reggie a message and he comes to town in secret. He informs Alicia that he hurt Cathy really bad and is sorry. He then informs her that he and Catherine are not separated but divorced and have been for a while. She tells him that she can't let him stay with her because Cathy is in the guest room so Alicia's beau, Ted Swirl offers up his guest room to Reggie, who accepts. Catherine then reveals to Alicia that she divorced Reggie because he cheated on her, with a man. When walking home after her tour of Halcoyn Hill, Cathy spots Reggie going into Ted's house and is seen beginning to fret. Eventually with the help of detective Cassidy Free, Alicia un-covers the truth of Catherine's past. Reggie and Ted soon bond over their living situation. Reggie tells Ted that he was confused as a kid and thought that by marrying Catherine who was deeply in love with him would make him see things clearly. However, shortly after their wedding he realized he was gay and fell in love with a co-worker, Harold "Harry" Repel. He was afraid to confront Catherine about his homosexuality since she planned on them having children. So he and Harry had an affair which Cathy eventually discovered. It pushed her over the edge and she becem a con artist after her divorce from Reggie. As a result of the divorce Reggie blamed Harry for Catherine being miserable and dumped him, despite loving him. He then tells Ted he is staying in Sun-Crest Point and asks if he can continue living with him until he finds his own place and Ted tells him he is welcome to stay as long as he needs.

After Ted and Alicia marry Ted moves into the Cabot/Swirl home and tells Reggie he can have his old home. Reggie accepts and looks forward to having his own place. However, within hours a torn down Catherine arrives on his doortstep. Though they share a clouded past the pair make ammends and Catherine asks if she can stay with Reggie. He tells her he can always count on him and allows her to move into the spare bedroom. They then spend the entire night talking and Catherine tells Reggie that she is still harboring a secret, her darkest one. Reggie then pretends to go to sleep but really calls Alicia. The following morning an intervention is placed upon Cathy until she confesses her final secret. She then confesses that she has a child! The child isn't Reggie's but her second husband's. Reggie then begins his first day of work at the hospital and is met with harsh criticism by his boss, Maurice Dalton. Maurice and Reggie get off to a rough start. When he returns home Catherine suggests that maybe Maurice... likes him! Reggie dismisses the claim and is later approcahed by Cassidy Free to aid in her investigation on who the real father of Mona Halcoyn's baby is her husband Winston Halcoyn or his half-brother Ralph Grendel. Reggie agrees and when he sees Mona for an appointment he almost gets her to confess on who the father is before Maurice barges in and begins yelling at Reggie. Reggie then fights back and tells Maurice he hates him because he is gay. Maurice find the claim appauling and the two begin arguing only to end up kissing each other. He and Maurice then begin a secret romance and Reggie hates that they can't be open about it since Maurice is Reggie's boss.

One evening while Reggie is watching Cathy's son, Franky, Maurice comes over and the two share an awkward glare before spending the night together. However, their romance is shortlived as Maurice refuses to go public with their love. Reggie almost quits working at the hospital so they could be together. Maurice then decides that his career is more important that Regge and tells him they can't be together and he is beign transferred to another hospital out of town. They then part ways. Reggie is then left heart broken but then throws himself into his work and actually garners two promotions. When at work he then overhears that a famous guitarist/musician would be coming to Sun-Crest Point for a gig, but will be staying for a while. Reggie is then shocked when he un-covers that the musician is his former lover, Harry Repel. Reggie begins to prepare for Harry's return but becomes side-tracked when he meets a man named, Carl Dendtirch, and the two begin a short sighted romance. Though Reggie feels a connection between him and Carl he can't help but think about Harry and to his shock, Carl suprises him with a date... at one of Harry's concerts. There Reggie and Harry run into each other, but the awkwardness causes Reggie to fake being sick so Carl could get him out of there, with Harry asking Reggie to call him. Eventually Reggie begins to realize that he still loves Harry and that he can not contonue to string Carl along and one evening when Carl catches Reggie staring at an old photo of him and Harry, he knows that their relationship must end and the two break up and Reggie and Harry quickly begin to develop a stable and healthy relationship. This time Reggie apologizes for blaming Harry for his divorce and Catherine's breakdown and descent into crime.

Harry decides to end his tour and stay in town permanently to Reggie's happiness. The two then sink into the background as their romance builds. They are brought into focus again when Reggie's former mother-in-law, Frances Cabot, makes a brief visit to town. One night as Harry and Reggie are making out after a night out on the town, Reggies home is set on fire and the two are almost killed but somehow manage to survive. Afterwards Reggie moves in with Harry and they recover together. Their attack becomes the first in a series caused by The Sun-Crest Killer. Reggie would be all right but Harry would suffer serious emotional scars after the attack and one day when Reggie comes home he finds Harry in the corner afraid of the stove fire. Reggie then meets Sun-Crest Memorial Hospital's new Neurosurgeon, Dr. Kevin McCain. Reggie quickly becomes turned off by Kevin and finds his cocky attitude disgusting and un-professional. He becomes even more angry when his case load is lightened and handed over to Kevin because the chief of staff feels Reggie shouldn't be working so hard after his attack. Reggie and Kevin then have a series of fights and one afternoon Reggie walks in on Kevin making out with a married Sandra Grendel and is visited by Catherine who asks him and Harry to come over for dinner. Eventually Sandra confronts Reggie and Kevin and proclaims her love for Ralph and for both of them to keep quiet. During this time, Bianca Baxter's gay brother, Justin, comes to town for a visit and befriends famous musician Harry and thinking he was single, puts the moves on him and kisses him, which Catherine sees. Harry pushes Justin away and Justin is told by Bianca to apologize to Reggie, this shocks Reggie and when he goes home and sees that Harry never eintended to tell him, they argue and break up.

After this Reggie becomes increasingly bitter and informs Ralph of Sandra and Kevin's kiss trying to spare Ralph the pain Reggie has endured. This causes Ralph and Sandra to separate. This also causes Reggie to become drunk and in a confused state he kisses Catherine. He also gets Kevin fired after he sexually assaults Diana Iago. Harry has a brief relationship with Justin, which Reggie notices from afar and becomes very jealous and upset. He eventually regrets what he did to his friends and tries to make things right. He gets Kevin a job as a rehabilitator for Donna Talbot. Sandra then comes to his defense when she sees Harry and Justin and tells Harry how stupid he is being. Eventually Harry learns that Justin only sees him as a trophy and dumps him and he and Reggie reconcile and go back to living together. When Arnold Werner and Mona Daniels run out on their wedding, Reggie siezes the opportunity to make things right and asks Harry to commit/marry him and they use the spread for their own wedding. Shortly after their wedding they decide to adopt. They are approved but on the day they are to recieve their child, Reggie's father, Trent Andrews, comes for a visit and he has no idea Reggie is gay or married to Harry. This causes Reggie to pass off Jessica Iago as his new squeeze, despite that she herself is a lesbian. He then calls Harry their "manny" and says that their adoptive daughter, Ronnie, is his and Jessica's. Jess goes along wth the cherade for a while but she and Harry confront Reggie and force him to come out to his father and he does so. Like he thought Trent becomes very angry and disgusted but Reggie's relationship with Harry is saved as they make ammends.

Trent would later come around after talking to and falling in love with Lucia Reyes. He would accept his son and acknowledge that Veronica is his grand-daughter. Trent and Lucia would then marry and leave town along with Reggie's new step-brother, Escobar Reyes and his wife, Mae Reyes. Then Reggie's sister, Angela, would arrive in town and he tells Harry that his sister is always running from someone and something, which makes Harry suspicious. Reggie would then be the doctor who proves that Jasper Centowski is the biological father of Janet Brigham's son, Craig. Meanwhile, Harry suspects Angela is a criminal as right after she arrived that Tablot home was set on fire and Brad was presumed dead. He calls Cassidy Free and she informs him that Angela is a well know criminal suspect working for Tony, Donna's ex-husband but she has never been officially tied to any crime scene. Harry conftosn Angie but she tells him Reggie will always side with her no matter what. Harry tests this and fails when he confronts Reggie with the information and Reggie refuses to believe such "garbage." This causes Harry and Reggie to argue and their marriage quickly dissolves and Harry leaves Reggie calling him a criminal aide. He then leaves town ad goes on tour but promises that when his tour concludes he will be back to see Veronica. In Harry's absence an old flame of Reggie's returns to town in the form of Maurice Dalton. They share an awkward reunion but Maurice apologizes for his behavior in their "relationship" and Reggie accepts. Even though they swear that what they had is over... their old feelings for one another return. They tip toe around their feelings for a while before finally succumbing to their attraction again.

They decide to do things right this time around and begin to date openly. Reggie and Maruce seem happy and their old spark is seeingly re-ignited, then Trent returns with news of Lucia's death and his failing health as well. Trant and Maurice meet and Trent quickly tells his son that he is fooling himself, his heart will always belong to Harry. Reggie brushes his father off and claims that he and Harry are finished for good and that perhaps Maurice is the one Reggie almost let get away. Then Trent delivers a heart felt speech about love and how time is never on one's side so you need to stop being stubborn and admit that tough stuff now so you don't miss out on the good and fun stuff. After hearing this Reggie realizes that he does love Harry and once again he and Maurice break up. Maurice's enraged temper returns and he accuses of Reggie stringing him along, yet again. This prompts Maurice to once more leave town, opeing a private practice with Kevin as a partner. Reggie then calls up Harry and with a white lie about Veronica's health he comes running back to town. However, Reggie's reunion plans are placed on hold when Harry returns with his newest flame, Lance, who is intent on keeping them apart, after learning of their intense history. Then, Reggies father, Trent, succumbs to his illness and passes away.Trent's death, is what then oepns up the connection between Reggie and Harry yet again. Harry sees that Lance is just another fanboy and, leaves him. Then when Mae Reyes is in a terrible fire, she arrives at the hsopital, un-responsive. With Monica Bremmer at his side, Reggie and Monica race to save Mae.

Luckily, on their last attempt to resucitate her, she is revived. Following this traumatixc event, Reggie and Harry reunite once more. Then Reggie and Harry once more begin to move on with their lives as Ronnie begins going to school and they talk about their relationship, vowing to only re-marry when the time is right. Reggie then brings in Kurt Grinaldi to help Mae recover from the memory loss she endured during her attack. He is also the overseeing doctor when Ben Tenney and Marylin Kincaid are attacked on the evening of Jasper and CAndi's wedding. Then Reggie meets a young woman named Skye Sommers. She only comes to the hospital to meet Reggie and, then leaves... making Reggie suspicious of her. At Escobar's gallery opening, Skye announces and reveals that she is the daughter of Catherine and Reggie. Reggie is left in awe and seeks out Catherine, asking if it is true. Once more, Catherine admits that Skye is in fact their daughter. She had discovered she was pregnant, the day she discovered Reggie and Harry's affair. She gave birth to the child, a daughter, and gave her up for adoption she never knew her name... meaning that's why she didn;t recognize Skye at first. This devestating secret is what finally breaks Reggie and Catherine's strong bond. Reggie then gets to know his daughter for a brief period of time and informs her of her aunts, uncles and siblings. Skye then encourages Reggie and everyone else to make ammends with her mother... citing she didn't come to town to ruin lives but, to meet her biological family. Skye then leaves to return to her adoted home, Arbor Acres. After her departure, Reggie and Harry decide to leave Sun-Crest Point. Reggie will go to Egypt with Doctors without Borders and, Harry can do some charity work there, they take Ronnie and leave town.

Following their departure, Maurice calls Reggie and Harry asking about the adoption process. There Maurice and Reggie gain closure on ther volatile relationship.


Reggie returns after hearing that his former sister-in-law, Alicia has fallen seriously ill. He examines her and says that her condition s not good but that he will do everything in his power to help her overcome her illness. When it becomes clear that Alicia will die, he encourages her to appease Chris after he proposes to her, saying that while Ted will always be her true love, she cannot deny herself or Chris this last instant of happiness.

He cleverly dodges questions regarding his relationship status with Harry, he states that by revealing things in Sun-Crest Point, they have a way of crumbling. When his ex-wife Catherine returns to see her ailing sister she and Reggie reconcile and he comforts her as Alicia dies. He also gets the pleasure of meeting his grand-daughter, Serena for the first time. When Alicia dies he phones Harry telling him of the news, asking he come to town.

At Alicia's funeral it is revealed that while in Egypt Harry and Reggie re-married. Harry returns with a now grown Veronica. While as the funeral luncheon Reggie and Harry visit their old home and contemplate opening it up and moving back now that they are older, but decide that Egypt has given them the happiness they have long searched for. However, Ronnie tells her father's that she has decided to remain in town and will be moving into the house.

The pair then depart following the wedding of Candi Cabot and Jasper Centowski, they are then seen a year later attending the wedding of Janet Brigham and George Snyder, dancing happily.