The series opens in the happy and peaceful looking town of Sun-Crest Point, and it's many inhabitants. This little town is enriched by it's mixture of all kinds of people. The Halcoyn family dominates the social scene and resides in the Upper Pensula of town, where the wealthy and elite congregate. The family is composed of patriarch, William Halcoyn, his son, Winston Halcoyn. Along with Winston's wife, Mona Halcoyn and their son, Derwood. Willaim is the richest man in town and it seems that whatever kindness resided in him vanished after the death of his wife and Winston's mother, Rosanna. He places great pressure on Winston, his protege. Winston endures his father's cruelty knowing that soemday he will be incharge of Halcoyn Communications. Mona on the other hand constantly tells Winston they need to cut William from their lives as he is not an ideal grand-father to Derwood. However, Mona is an elaborate socialite and loves to attend galas in the latest fashions. Is that the only reason she stocks around?

Alicia Cabot, is a divorced single mother raisng her teenage daughter, Candi Cabot alone. When he her mysterious ex-husband left her she struggled to gather the funds to raise her daughter. She then managed to write a novel about her trials in life which managed to sell. With the royalties she managed a cozy and nice sized home for her and Candi to live in. Though Alcia seems to be sable and happy, she isn't. She longs to find love again. Alicia becomes worried as her daughter spends more time trying to get Alicia a date rather than have a personal life of her own. Alicia is best friends with another resident of SCP, Mae Stone. Mae is married to her husband, Edward Stone. Together they have a daughter named Agatha. However, their marriage is far from perfect, Ed is verbally abusive and treats Mae like nothing more than a dog. As a result of Ed's harsh behavior Mae began to eat and put on an excess ammount of weight. Alicia tells Mae to get out but Mae tells her that Edward would come after her and that she did, at least at one time, love him. The Stone's have things a little worse than others since Mae is a homemaker and Ed only works at the cemetary.

Daria Grendel, is an elderly and extremely bohemian woman who has resided in SCP all her life. Little is known about her other than the fact that she has a deep hatred for Willian Halcoyn. She does her best to serve as a surrogate mother for Alicia and Mae. Daria also sees through Mona's flimsy facade and realizes that deep down Mona doesn't need any of the fancy parties or clothes, all she wants is to know that her husband actually loves her and he doesn't think of her simply as an accesory. She finds it funny when a rumor begins to spread throughout town that she is having an affair with her gardner, Escobar Reyes. She was married but left her husband because like Edward Stone, he too was abusive. Escobar, meanwhile offers to care for Mae and Edward's plants for free, because he sees in Mae a delicate flower that is being crushed. Though he has an obvious attraction to her, she is blinded to her duty to try and make things work with Ed. When Ed comes home from work one evening and Mae has yet to have made dinner, his abuse shifts from verbal to physical as he shoves Mae.

Alicia then runs into Mona while they both are downtown. It is revealed that Alicia and Mona used to be best friends as well but when Mona married Winston and became too good to speak to Alicia their friendship dissolved. They share an unsually long awkward moment before Mona simply walks on by. Alicia then spots Escobar downtown and she immediately becomes attracted to him. She pretends to mistake him for someone else and they talk. After a long and deep conversation about the beauty of flowers Alicia makes the drastic move of asking Escobar out on a date. Though he is taken a back by her question he hesitantly accepts. Candi is then elated for her mother and hopes the relationship works out for her. As she starts High School, Candi does her best to become socialable but meets with ridicule from queen bee, Natasha Vern who is dating a star ahtlete, James Person. Candi quickly develops a cursh on James but realizes that she has to find a way to destroy Natasha so that she can win James's affection. Alicia and Escobar then go out and their evening ends with Alicia going to kiss Escobar and him pulling away.

William and the Halcoyn clan then throw a lavish party up at their manor for the town's elite. To William's utter shock, Daria arrives in an un-orthodox gown. He pulls her aside and the two have a squabble with Daria tells William she was invited by Mona, after all Daria is rich, secretly. After the party is over William digs into Winston about how he needs to see a guest list from now on and to keep Mona in line. Winston then releases his anger out on Mona, who though angry, belittleingly apologizes for her behavior. Alicia and Candi then bond over their relationship woes. However, Alicia is sure that there is a future with Escobar and asks him to meet her for lunch the following day. When they meet at the local diner in town. Alicia demands an explanation as to why Escobar pulled away fro her the other night. He tells her it was too soon for them to kiss. Then Alica catches Escobar glance over at Mae who has taken Agatha to the park. She then realizes that Escobar is in love with Mae. The question is will she understand or get jealous?

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