Sigrid Quarren (nee Wilt, previously Ulter) is a Sim in the town of Pineview. She does not come in until much later. Her mother, Annabel, and her father, Davis, are children when the story begins. She is the product of her mother and father's affair. After she is born Annabel leaves her with her grand-mother and step-grand-father, Anita and Franklin for them to raise. Eventually Annabel realizes she loves her daughter and takes her back. Sigrid has yet to actually meet her father and Melissa, Davis's ex-wife and Sigrid's ex-step-mother, has no idea Sigrid is Davis's child. She is the first Sim to be born that is not the child of an original housewife. She is now a child and has a cousin, Abel. She recieved a half-brother named Jacque when Davis's now ex-wife Melissa gave birth. She then got a new half-sister when Davis's now ex-lover Dagmar gave birth to their daughter, Anya.

The Fire

Sigirid attends Melissa's grand-opening and after party. She goes with her mother, grand-mother, cousin, aunt and uncle. She meets a quickly makes friends with the teenage Zed Quarren. When the fire breaks out Sigirid gets out safely. She is saddened to learn later that her aunt, Kelly, was killed in the fire. The next day she ages into a teenager. She goes to the ruins of the park and finds Zed there and the two wind up sharing their first kisses with each other... (Cliff-hanger)

The Next Generation

When the stories resume 5 years later, Sigrid is about to become a young adult. It is revealed that she and Zed engaged in a relationship but broke-up. She is also shocked when her father returns with another child, her half-brother Percy. She is happy when her mother marries Bill and has her other half-brother, Ljot. annabel finally decides to tell Sigrid who her father is. Sigrid is shocked to learn that davis is her father. She becomes angry with her mother for keeping such a secret from her. She then realizes that Ljot is not her only half-sibling. She then goes over to Davis's house and confronts him. Instead of Davis being cold and a total guy he embraces his daughter and tells her he wants her in his and her half-siblings lives. This leads to Sigrid moving out of Annabel's home and into Davis's causing tension between Annabel and Davis again.

She then ages into a young adult. She announces plans to move out. Her plans are cut short however, when she becomes pregnanat and must now deal with becoming a young mother, just like her mother. Herfather throws her out of his house and Annabel refuses to allow her to come home. Sigrid then moves into a very small home and begins her adult life. She later gives birth to a son whom she names Ulvar. It is revealed after Ulvar's birth that the late Zed Quarren is the father. Her mother eventually allows her to move back home with Ulvar.

Sigrid soon begins to date the now adult age Hans Ulter who has returned to Pineview to pay his respects to his now deceased ex-fiancee, Bonnie Rossim. He then aks Sigrid out, she accepts. Much to her mother's chargin. They have a whirlwind romance leading to them eloping, after Hans proposes one night. She then takes Ulvar and the three find a place of their own. Just as she gets her life back on track, Sigrid discovers she is pregnant for a second time... (Cliff-Hanger)

Generation 03

When the stories resume, 3 years later it is revealed that Sigrid has had her second child. A son that they named, Karre (pronounced Car). She and Hans have begun having marital problems. Their problems do not get any better after her mother, Annabel, drops off Ljot to live with her and Hans as she leaves town. This event culminates in their divorce.

Hans moves out, Sigrid blames her break-up on Ljot. This causes a rift between the two, they later make-up. Sigrid then begins to see her old love, Zed Quarren's, grave almost everyday. She then realizes they can still be together. She takes Zed's grave to the science building and they resurect him. Sigrid and Zed then reuntie. He is happy to see his brother, Harvey, and sister, Dorothy. He then calls Blance to tell her the good news.

Sigrid then tells Zed that her son, Ulvar is his child. She also informs him of her marriage and second child, Karre, with Hans. Zed is a little upset that he's missed so much of Ulvar's life. He copes with Sigrid's marriage and second child. He then asks her to marry him, a question he should have aksed her a long time ago, she gleefully accepts. Two days later they marry. Sigrid then discovers she is pregnant for a third time.

Days later she gives birth to a daughter, Annie. She and her ex-husband, Hans then get in a series of fights and he plans to leave Pineview and take Karre with him. Sigird is upset as she loves all 3 of her children. However, Hans chokes and dies. Karre thenc omes to live with Sigird and Zed where he and Zed do not get along.

Karre, then begins arguing with his step-father and blaming him for his father's death. Sigird eventually talks Karre down, tells him she loves him and he and Zed begin bonding. Sigird and Zed then ebgin their hectic lives as parents, ending their story.

Sigrid Ulter
Hi! My name is Sigrid Wilt!
Name Sigrid Ulter
Gender Female
Life stage Young Adult
Aspiration Fortune
Sign Leo

Parents Abraham Wilt (grand-father; deceased)
Anita Coosband (grand-mother)
Franklin Coosband (step-grand-father)
Annabel Wilt (mother)
Davis Schwann (father)
Bill Sell (step-father)
Devlin Wilt (uncle)
Sibling(s) Abel Wilt (cousin)
Jacque Schwann (half-brother)
Anya Platz (half-sister)
Percy Schwann (half-brother)
Ljot Sell (half-brother)
Spouse(s) Zed Quarren (husband)
Hans Ulter (ex-husband)
Child(ren) Ulvar Wilt (son)
Karre Ulter (son)
Annie Quarren (daughter)

Neighborhood Pineview