Sims Next Top Model
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Format: Sims 2 & 4 Machinima

Produced by: Elite Productions 

No. of Episodes: 20

Running Time: 8-30 minutes

Streaming Service: YouTube
Original Release: May 1, 2009 - present
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Sims Next Top Model  (Abbreviated SNTM) is a fan-made adaptation of the America's Next Top Model made with the Sims 2 & Sims 4. Similar to Top Model, cycles have filmed in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami. However, for the fourth cycle, it's filming location is in line with the game by filming in the worlds that shipped with the Sims 4. The first two cycles featured Tyra Banks as the host while the third cycle featured Jasmine as the host. Cycles 1-3 each consisted of 10-13 contestants with no previous participation on the series, while Cycle 4's cast consisted entirely of previous participants. The series also had a rotating panel of judges and other supportive staff employed to assist contestants throughout the competition.

The series peaked in viewership during its first two cycles averaging 10.6 thousand viewers each episode. Following a two year hiatus, Sims Next Top Model returned for a third cycle with a new host and panel of judges as an attempt to revamp the series following the abrupt ending of the second cycle. Unfortunately, the third cycle was poorly received with the viewership dropping significantly with some episodes receiving under one thousand views. Despite the poor reception of the third cycle, the series was initially renewed for a 4th cycle which was supposed to be the first season to feature both male and female contestants. However, due to technical difficulties and reevaluating the poor reception of the third cycle, the fourth cycle was scrapped and Sims Next Top Model was cancelled.

In 2020, it was announced that Sims Next Top Model would return for a special All-Stars cycle featuring contestants from the first three cycles to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the series.


Each cycle of Sims Next Top Model has 8-11 episodes and starts with 10-14 contestants. Each episode, one contestant is eliminated, though in rare cases a double/triple elimination or no elimination was given by consensus of the judging panel. Makeovers are administered to contestants early in the season (usually after the first or second elimination in the finals), and a trip to an international destination is scheduled at about two-thirds of the way through the season about two thirds of the way through the cycle.

Judges and other staff members

The series employs a panel of judges who critique contestants' progress throughout the competion. Throughout its broadcast, the program has employed eleven different judges. The original panel consisted of Tyra Banks (who also served as its presenter), J. Alexander, Rachel Lorentz, and Matijin Van-Kessel. Lorentz and Van-Kessel were replaced by Karolina Kurkova and Milton Davidson in cycle 2. For cycle 3 the entire panel, including Banks, was replaced with Jasmine, Antonella Gianno and Trey Jones. Following Gianno's disagreement with Jasmine's decision to eliminate Corinne, she was replaced by Carrie Anderson. In the 4th cycle, the entire panel was replaced again with Octavia Moon serving as the main judge and Penny Pizzazz and Izzy Fabulous replacing Jones and Anderson.

Though not a judge, Jay Manuel served as the creative director during contestants' photo shoots for the first two cycles. During the third cycle, Manuel was replaced by Trey Jones who served as both judge and creative director in cycle 3. Jones was replaced by Izzy Fabulous who also served as both judge and creative director in cycle 4. The role of runway coach was taken over by Kayla Fleming who replaced Carrie Anderson, she also appears as a guest judge.

List of Judges

Judge Cycle
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Tyra Banks Main
Jasmine Main Guest
Octavia Moon Main
Judging Panelists
Nicoletée Porter Main
Christoph Couture Main
J. Alexander Main
Nigel Barker Main
Paulina Porizskova Main
Rachel Lorentz Main
Martijn Van-Kessel Main
Milton Davidson Main
Karolina Kurkova Main
Antonella Gianno Main
Trey Jones Main
Carrie Anderson Main
Izzy Fabulous Main
Penny Pizzazz Main
Creative Director
Jay Manuel Main
Trey Jones Main
Izzy Fabulous Main
Runway Coach
J. Alexander Main
Carrie Anderson Main
Kayla Flemming Main

Series Overview

Season (Cycle) Premiere Date Winner Runner-up Other contestants in order of elimination Number of contestants Destination(s)
1 May 1, 2009 Brooke Stanckie Hailey Latiner Kally Hall, Xyila Ming Lee, Natalie Sayers, Jade Lopez, Loy Taylar, Avery Winthrop, Zili Unaka, Monica Newport 10

22px-Flag of Greece.svg


2 March 24, 2010

Keshia Smith

Sydney Stefans Yumika Parks, Helena Douglas, Naima Rodriguez, Amani Olsanu, Verah Rowwan, Susan Taylor, Hillary Bushnell, Whitney Clear, Kasia Moore, Isabell Watson, Jnessa Anderson 13

22px-Flag of Canada.svg


3 July 3, 2012 Loca Torres Stella McCord Simonne Quinlan, Mandy Preston, Jacquie Brown, Olivia Briggid, Aisha Douglas, Kienna Carter, Isis Molugny, Corinne Reed, Necole Oliviera 11

22px-Flag of the United States.svg

Los Angeles

4 October 18, 2020



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