Sim City's Next Top Model is a Sims 2 Machinima Series created by SCNTMuploads. There has been 3 cycles so far however, Cycle 3 was the first cycle to be officially aired on YouTube. In the competition, the number of contestants ranges from 10-14. In Cycle 1 there were 10 contestants, Cycle 2 there was 13, and In Cycle 3 there was the maximum amount : 14. After Cycle 3 was finished in March 2009 Cycle 4 was already being created due for airing in early Summer 2009. It has been confirmed that this Cycle there will be 13 contestants, and that the amount will stay for the next cycles to come. In Sim City's Next Top Model there are weekly photoshoots plus challenges for a contestant to win. In the finale episodes there is always a finale runway. Only the 2 finalists walk in it. This page offers call-out orders, contestants, episode details... for Cycle 3 and Cycle 4.

Cycle Premiere date Winner Runner-up Other Contestants (In order of elimination) Number of contestants International destination
1 Spring 2008 Jayla Huerre Analeigh Harding Aimee House, Ailsa Jones, Hannah Richards, Demi Simm, Zoe Hall, Claire Gondi, Lisa Harrison, Shannon Smith 10 N/A
2 Fall 2008 Lily James Sen Sheena Hyde Fraser, Nicole Hilton, Taylor Jasperman, Stephanie May, Alex Bell, Mary Dee Kritchzek, Rosa Fierro, Jasmine Cella, Brooke Stady, Maria Johnson, Kumiko Heart 13 N/A
3 Spring 2009 Catarina Roberts Elizabeth Blake Ryans, Jullia Simstone, Christina Leela, Samantha Evans, Jane Baxter, Fondara Ichita, Brittany Marcheta, Nina Todd, Amy Brie Russo, Riley Anderson, Analeigh, Fatima Stevens 14 Barcelona, Spain
4 Summer 2009 Astrid Blake Danielle Lopez Sarah Bree, Renee Danforth, Tiffany Robertson, Pearline Stewart, Katie Flin, Arianna Heatshorne, Felicia Roberts, Keisha Wilson, Catherine Leigh, Sheena Sela, Elyse Power 13 Aberdeen, Scotland
5 Winter 2009 Jaslene Morrison Ceara Alexander Gabriella Lovaterio, Samantha Jones, Nicola Tresor, Meaghan Grove, Rachel Namasty, Janet Tiersen, Lia Szoumio, Taschira Dolate, Nicole, Sara Jackson, Flavia Aplu 13 Sydney, Australia


Hyde Fraser, Nicole Hilton, Taylor Jasperman, Stephanie May, Alex Bell, Mary Dee Kritchzek, Rosa Fierro, Jasmine Cella, Brooke Stady, Maria Johnson, Kumiko Heart

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Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10
1 Lisa Zoe Jayla Shannon Jayla Lisa Shannon Jayla Jayla
2 Jayla Analeigh Zoe Lisa Shannon Analeigh Analeigh Analeigh Analeigh
3 Ailsa Jayla Analeigh Jayla Lisa Shannon Jayla Shannon
4 Zoe Shannon Demi Analeigh Claire Jayla Lisa
5 Shannon Demi Shannon Claire Analeigh Claire
6 Analeigh Zoe Lisa Zoe Zoe
7 Claire Lisa Claire Demi
8 Hannah Claire Hannah
9 Demi Ailsa
10 Aimee


Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 13
1 Alex Jasmine Maria Brooke Sen Lily Jasmine Kumiko Lily Sen Sen Lily Lily
2 Brooke Kumiko Jasmine Alex Maria Rosa Maria Sen Sen Maria Kumiko Sen Sen
3 Dee Maria Alex Sen Rosa Jasmine Brooke Jasmine Maria Lily Lily Kumiko
4 Hyde Rosa Sen Lily Kumiko Maria Kumiko Maria Kumiko Kumiko Maria
5 Jasmine Alex Stephanie Jasmine Lily Sen Rosa Brooke Brooke Brooke
6 Kumiko Sen Kumiko Maria Jasmine Brooke Sen Lily Jasmine
7 Lily Lily Lily Rosa Dee Kumiko Lily Rosa
8 Maria Nicole Brooke Kumiko Alex Dee Dee
9 Nicole Taylor Dee Stephanie Brooke Alex
10 Rosa Stephanie Rosa Dee Stephanie
11 Sen Dee Taylor Taylor
12 Stephanie Brooke Nicole
13 Taylor Hyde

Most collective bottom two appearances - Lily & Maria (3 times)

Most consecutive bottom two appearances - Lily & Maria (2 times)

Most collective first callouts - Sen (4 times)

Most consecutive first callouts - Lily (2 times)

Most collective challenge wins - Sen (4 times)

Sim City's Next Top Model Cycle 3 was the first complete cycle. There were 14 contestants that were all competing to become the winner. Those contestants were :

The top 14 (In order of elimination)

  • Catarina Roberts (Winner)
  • Elizabeth (Runner-up)
  • Fatima Stevens  
  • Analeigh
  • Riley Anderson  
  • Amy Brie Russo
  • Nina Todd  
  • Brittany Marchetta
  • Fondara Ichita
  • Jane Baxter  
  • Samantha Evans  
  • Christina Leela  
  • Jullia Simstone  
  • Blake Ryans  

Episode Guides

Episode 1 : Simpler, yet serene

The top 14 Sims arrived at their new apartment in downtown Sim City. After settling in, the Sims got their first Tyra Mail telling them to head on down to the studio for their first official photoshoot of the competition. During the photoshoot the Sims had to portray a serene emotion in a beauty shot. In panel, Amy Brie, Catarina and Brittany were praised for their strong photos but Blake, Jullia and Jane were in the bottom three because of their bad photos. It was Jane and Blake who were in the bottom two and ultimately, It was Blake who was eliminated for her bad photo and her lack of desire to model.

  • Bottom two: Blake and Jullia
  • Eliminated: Blake

Episode 2 : Top Model Makeovers

The remaining 13 contestants headed down to Sessions Style Salons to get their new looks. Almost all of the girls liked their makeovers, but in un-seen footage Samantha was annoyed that she didn't get much change. Later on in the episode Jullia fell ill and decided not to participate in the photoshoot, knowing that this would hurt her in panel. The girls had a photoshoot in a dark alleyway. Analeigh did well where Amy Brie and Christina didn't. However it was Jullia who did not take part in the photoshoot that got her sent home.

  • Bottom two: Christina and Jullia
  • Eliminated: Jullia

Episode 3 : The cat who started the fight

After panel, the night before Fatima and Analeigh decide to size up the competition, in the comfort of the living area. Even though the two noticed Nina in the kitchen, they continued to talk about her and her lack of progression in the first 2 weeks. Nina heard the remarks and tried really hard in the Scary dark photoshoot. It all paid off as she got the first call-out that week, to Analeigh and Fatima's dislike. However, Nina was eliminated later on in the competition before Analeigh and Fatima even though she took better pictures than both of them at times. In elimination, Christina and Amy Brie were in the bottom two; Christina for the second and last time as she was eliminated.

  • Bottom two: Christina and Amy Brie
  • Eliminated: Christina

Episode 4 : Couture isn't easy for some

This week, the Sims had a photoshoot wearing couture gowns and heavy eye make-up. A lot of the girls succeeded, espescially Fondara and Riley. Tyra was also surprised at Jane's sudden improvement over the weeks. Catarina did terrible in the photoshoot and Samantha didn't do couture at all, however it was Catarina's past three photos that were stronger than Samantha's that got her save for another week, with Samantha being the fourth unfortunate contestant to be eliminated from the competition.

  • Bottom two: Catarina and Samantha
  • Eliminated: Samantha

Episode 5 : Inner beauty get's the best!

In episode 5 Fatima spent a lot of time explaining that she had to step it up or she was going home. Later on Fondara, Analeigh and Amy Brie were talking about their photoshoots. The photoshoot that week was another beauty shot where the Sims had to face a hard challange : To show of their inner beauty in a photograph. Catarina did well in the photoshoot as did Fondara and Elizabeth. But Fatima, Jane and Brittany didn't do so well, but it was Fatima and Jane who landed in the bottom two. Jane for the second time. But it was Jane who was sent home in the end.

  • Bottom two: Fatima and Jane
  • Eliminated: Jane

Episode 6 : Multi personalities and surprises

Episode 6 was the most surprising episode in the history of Sim City's Next Top Model. In the first part of the episode, Analeigh found a target in front-runner Elizabeth. When Brittany heard of this, she told Elizabeth. But Elizabeth did the mature thing and didn't get into it. The photoshoot that week was inspired by the four-personality photoshoot in America's Next Top Model Cycle 8. Elizabeth did great in the photoshoot and got the first call-out. Brittany was in the bottom two for boring shots and Fondara was there for far to comedic expressions. Ultimately, both of the Sims were sent home in an elimination first. After two Sims being sent home, this episode concluded the first half to the cycle.

  • Bottom two: Fondara and Jane
  • Eliminated: Fondara and Jane

Episode 7 : We're going to Europe!

Episode 7 was the last episode to be made on Sim City Soil, as from Episode 8 onward the competition would be filmed in the international destination of Barcelona, Spain. The photoshoot was made from items from IKEA, a foreign company. This was originally meant to be a subtle hint that they were going abroad! In panel, when the photos were shown, Riley did the best getting the first call-out. Fatima and Amy Brie also succeeded but it was Elizabeth and Nina who were in the bottom two for bad photos. However it was Nina who was eliminated for lack of personality and confidence.

  • Bottom two: Elizabeth and Nina
  • Eliminated: Nina

Episode 8 : Beach life

The top six Sims Amy Brie, Analeigh, Catarina, Elizabeth, Fatima and Riley went abroad as planned to Spain where they stayed at a beachside house. The top six had their first Spanish photoshoot on the famous beaches wearing silver metallic bikinis. Fatima did the best that week getting the first call-out. It was Analeigh and Amy Brie who landed in the bottom two. Surprisingly enough for the other four girls, it was Amy Brie who was sent home. Analeigh stayed on for the next week to come.

  • Bottom two: Amy Brie Russo and Analeigh Jacobson  
  • Eliminated: Amy Brie Russo  

Episode 9 : Tea for Five

The remaining top 5 went to their long-awaited challange - their go-see. Instead of seeing lot's of designers, they only went to one designer : Adriana Flemonda. They all had individual interviews, but it was Catarina who impressed the client the most and she won the all important challange. Her prize was extra frames in her photoshoot. The photoshoot was at a water side Cafe wearing formal dresses. Catarina and Elizabeth did well. And Analeigh as well. But in panel Analeigh broke down and started crying because of all the fights in the house. But it was Riley and Fatima in the bottom two. Riley was eventually sent home.

  • Bottom two: Fatima Stevens and Riley Anderson  
  • Eliminated: Riley

Episode 10 : Goodbyes and Make-ups

The top 4 Sims went back to their beach house. After panel, Analeigh thought she was the next to go home so she decided to make things right between her and Elizabeth. She apologised to her and confessed that she still felt bad. They then had a photoshoot wearing black wigs, colorful clothes and make-up and had to come through all of it. Catarina and Elizabeth excelled but Fatima and Analeigh didn't. Fatima landed in the bottom two for the third time and Analeigh for the second. To Fatima's surprise, Tyra kept her and eliminated Analeigh. Fatima was given her Last chance to prove she could win.

  • Bottom two: Analeigh and Fatima
  • Eliminated: Analeigh

Episode 11 : Season Finale Part 1 & 2

The top 3 Catarina, Elizabeth and Fatima went to the Cover Girl Spain Studios to have their last photoshoot posing for Cover Girl Amazement Lip Gloss. Lily James (Cycle 2 Winner) Was there to help them. They all did well in the photoshoot but the final 2 were choosen. In panel Elizabeth was first called leaving Fatima and Catarina in the bottom two. Fatima had had her last chance and was not as good as Catarina to win after being in the bottom two a total of 4 times. She went home leaving Catarina and Elizabeth to compete to win.

  • Bottom two: Catarina and Fatima
  • Eliminated: Fatima

Episode 11 : Season Finale Part 3 & 4

Catarina and Elizabeth battled it out on the amazing runway alongside Aney (Enricenk Cycle 3 Winner), Amalia (EvMCreator Cycle 4 Winner), Lorelle (Aidansmeaton Cycle 3 Winner), Jayla Huerre (Cycle 1 Winner) and Lily James (Cycle 2 Winner). During her first walk, Elizabeth stumbled and Catarina did great. In the final deliberation, Tyra decided that Elizabeth had taken better pictures than Catarina in the competition, however, Catarina did amazing on the runway and she also took great photos. Catarina was anounced the winner of Sim City's Next Top Model Cycle 3.

  • Runner-up: Elizabeth
  • Winner: Catarina

Photoshoot Guide

  • Episode 1 : Beauty shot
  • Episode 2 : Dark alleyway
  • Episode 3 : Scary Fashion
  • Episode 4 : Couture
  • Episode 5 : Inner beauty
  • Episode 6 : 4 personality
  • Episode 7 : IKEA items
  • Episode 8 : Beach side
  • Episode 9 : Cafe formal wear
  • Episode 10 : Coming through the 'do
  • Episode 11 : Cover Girl Print Ad


  • Catarina : Long platinum blond weave
  • Elizabeth : Long black weave
  • Fatima : Dyed black
  • Analeigh : Cut shorter, dyed golden blond
  • Riley : Cut shorter, dyed brown with highlights ; highlights later removed
  • Amy Brie : Dyed dark red
  • Nina : Dyed blond, straightened
  • Brittany : Cut shorter, dyed blond
  • Fondara : Dyed blond
  • Jane : Long brown weave ; later dyed black
  • Samantha : Dyed chestnut brown
  • Christina : Long wheat blond weave
  • Jullia : Long black weave

Call-out Order

Tyra's Call-out Order
Order Episodes
1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 Amy Brie Analeigh Nina Fondara Amy Brie Elizabeth Riley Fatima Catarina Catarina Elizabeth Catarina
2 Brittany Elizabeth Jane Brittany Elizabeth Amy Brie Analeigh Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth Catarina Elizabeth
3 Christina Fatima Samantha Riley Riley Fatima Amy Brie Catarina Analeigh Fatima Fatima
4 Catarina Christina Analeigh Amy Brie Catarina Catarina Fatima Riley Fatima Analeigh
5 Fatima Samantha Elizabeth Analeigh Analeigh Nina Catarina Analeigh Riley
6 Fondara Riley Riley Jane Fondara Riley Elizabeth Amy Brie
7 Elizabeth Catarina Brittany Fatima Nina Analeigh Nina
8 Riley Jane Catarina Elizabeth Brittany Brittany
9 Nina Nina Fondara Nina Fatima Fondara
10 Analeigh Fondara Fatima Catarina Jane
11 Samantha Amy Brie Amy Brie Samantha
12 Jullia Christina Christina
13 Jane Jullia
14 Blake

     The contestant was voted Cover Girl Of The Week
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant won the competition
     The contestant was voted Cover Girl Of The Week and was eliminated

Cycle 3 Statistics

  • Most Collective first call-outs : Catarina,Elizabeth,& Amy Brie (2 times)
  • Most Consecutive first call-outs : Catarina (2 times)
  • Most Collective Cover Girl Of The Week Wins : Fatima (4 times)
  • Most Consecutive Cover Girl Of The Week Wins : Fatima (3 times)
  • Most Collective bottom two appearances : Fatima (4 times)
  • Most Consecutive bottom two appearances : Fatima (3 times)

Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 13
1 Arianna Astrid Elyse Astrid Felicia Astrid Danielle Danielle Elyse Sheena Danielle Astrid Astrid
2 Astrid Tiffany Danielle Arianna Catherine Catherine Elyse Astrid Astrid Danielle Astrid Danielle Danielle
3 Catherine Sheena Pearline Keisha Astrid Danielle Astrid Elyse Sheena Astrid Elyse Elyse
4 Danielle Danielle Sheena Katie Sheena Felicia Catherine Sheena Danielle Elyse Sheena
5 Elyse Renee Catherine Elyse Elyse Arianna Keisha Catherine Catherine Catherine
6 Felicia Arianna Keisha Danielle Keisha Elyse Sheena Keisha Keisha
7 Katie Katie Arianna Catherine Katie Sheena Felicia Felicia
8 Keisha Keisha Felicia Felicia Danielle Keisha Arianna
9 Pearline Catherine Tiffany Pearline Arianna Katie
10 Renee Elyse Katie Sheena Pearline
11 Sarah Felicia Astrid Tiffany
12 Sheena Pearline Renee
13 Tiffany Sarah

Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 13
1 Nicola Nicole Jaslene Samantha Samantha Jaslene Kimberly Nicole Kimberly Jaslene Ceara Ceara Jaslene
2 Rachel Flavia Kimberly Kimberly Taschira Ceara Nicole Samantha Jaslene Ceara Samantha Jaslene Ceara
3 Taschira Sara Samantha Gabriella Jaslene Gabriella Flavia Ceara Ceara Samantha Jaslene Samantha
4 Flavia Samantha Rachel Ceara Ceara Samantha Ceara Jaslene Samantha Kimberly Kimberly
5 Jaslene Kimberly Taschira Jaslene Gabriella Kimberly Jaslene Kimberly Gabriella Gabriella
6 Gabriella Rachel Meaghan Taschira Kimberly Sara Gabriella Gabriella Nicole
7 Samantha Taschira Flavia Nicole Flavia Janet Samantha Flavia
8 Meaghan Jaslene Nicole Meaghan Janet Flavia Janet Janet
9 Nicole Meaghan Gabriella Janet Nicole Nicole Sara
10 Janet Ceara Ceara Sara Sara Taschira
11 Lia Nicola Sara Flavia Meaghan
12 Ceara Janet Janet Rachel
13 Sara Gabriella Nicola
14 Kimberly Lia