Sims Next Top Model, Cycle 2
Format: Sims Online Reality Series
Produced by: Elite Productions
  • Tyra Banks (eps 1-5)
  • Jasmine (eps 6-9)
  • J.Alexander
  • Milton Davidson
  • Karolina Kurkova
No. of Episodes: 9 (4 Unaired)
Length: 15 - 20 Minutes +
Original Run: March 25th, 2010 - July 29th 2010
Final Episodes Run: TBA
Website for streaming: YouTube
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Sims Next Top Model Cycle 2 , Is the second cycle of Sims Next Top Model, which premiered March 25th 2010. The tagline of the cycle is: "It's A Celebration". This cycle introduces 2 new judges joining host Tyra Banks and runway coach and judge J.Alexander Milton Davidsion the former assistant manager at Star Models and Karolina Kurkova legendary supermodel. However in episode 6 Tyra Banks controversially left the judging panel and the role of being a host and she was quickly replaced by supermodel Jasmine. Thus meaning, cycle 2 was the last cycle featuring Tyra Banks as host and the first cycle having Jasmine as host. The overseas destination of this cycle wasVancouver, Canada. The winner of this cycle was 18 year-old Keshia Smith.

The prizes for this cycle were:

  • A modeling contract with Star Models (Star Model Management)
  • A cover & 6 page spread in Seventeen Magazine
  • 100,000 dollar contract with Covergirl Cosmetics

The following prize was removed:

  • A modeling contract with Master Model Agency


This cycle's casting protocol was the same as Cycle 1, Youtube viewers created models for the cycle. This protocol did not continue in Cycle 3 but returned for Cycle 4.

Episode Summaries

The Girl Who Pledges

First Aired: Wednesday March 25th, 2010

In the season premiere, 13 girls arrive at their first photo shoot and they are assigned to portray different college stereotypes.

Contestant College Stereotype
Keshia Artistic Girl
Hillary Sorority Sister
Jnessa Crazy Girl
Kasia Misfit
Yumika Athlete
Isabell The Lesbian Couple
Sydney The Actress
Naima The Preppy Girl
Verah The Smoker
Whitney The Tramp

After the shoot, the girls move into their lavished "Top Model" house. Soon, the girls discover that there are only 12 beds and 13 girls. Conflict arises as Whitney takes a nap and completely forgets about looking for a bed. When she wakes up she throws a temper-tantrum and picks a fight with Keisha. After the drama, the girls recieve their first and last Tyra mail telling them they will meet with the judges for their first elimination. At judging, Tyra praises Keshia, Naima, Verah and Jnessa for an amazing pictures and decides the bottom two.She later eliminates Yumika due to her inablilty to connect with the camera and keeps Kasia, despite her weak picture and bad makeup job.

  • First Call Out: Jnessa Anderson
  • Bottom Two: Yumika Parks & Kasia Moore
  • Eliminated: Yumika Parks
  • Featured Photographer: Aidan Smetaon
  • Special Guests: Ruby Hussey , Aidan Smeaton

The Transformation

First Aired: Wednesday March 31st, 2010 The 12 remaining girls get late night makeovers and some girls are satisfied and some aren't, especially Naima. The next day, the girls have a Liana Sims photo shoot challenge where they had to find clothes made by Liana Sims, however not all the clothes were made or affiliated with liana sims. Hillary won the challenge for finding an outfit by Liana Sims and as her prize she won immunity from the next elimination and the ability to nominate one girl for elimination. When the girls returned to the house Hillary was bombarded with questions about who she would nominate meanwhile, Naima expressed the fact that she didn't want to be in the competition anymore because of her drastic makeover change. Although, Hillary heard her talking expressing her true feelings about the competition. And at panel Naima and Helena's pictures landed them in the bottom two. And with a tough decision, Tyra realized that Helena didn't want to fight for her spot in the competition even though Naima was nominated for elimination. And Helena was eliminated.

  • Immune / First Call Out: Hillary Bushnell
  • Nominated For Elimination: Naima Rodriguez
  • Bottom Two: Naima Rodriguez & Helena Douglas
  • Eliminated: Helena Douglas
  • Featured Photographer: Milton Davidson
  • Special Guests: Loran (Liana Sims 2 Model), Kayla Peterson

Everything's Compact

First Aired: Thursday May 27th, 2010

  • First Call Out: Kasia Moore
  • Bottom Two: Naima Rodriguez & Amani Olsanu
  • Eliminated: Naima Rodriguez and Amani Olsanu
  • Featured Photographer: Michael Douglas
  • Special Guests: Ruby Hussey, Michael Douglas

Malibu Beauties

First Aired: Monday June 21st, 2010

  • First Call Out: Isabel Watson
  • Bottom Two: Whitney Clear & Verah Rowwan
  • Eliminated: Verah Rowwan
  • Featured Photographer: Mike Murrals
  • Special Guests: Aidan Smeaton, Navetta Johnson, Mike Murrals

"Face" Your Fears

First Aired: Sunday July 25th, 2010

  • First Call Out:
  • Bottom Two:
  • Eliminated:
  • Featured Photographer:
  • Special Guests: Bahar L'amour

Contestants (In order of elimination)

(ages stated are at time of contest)

Contestant Age Hometown Outcome
Yumika Parks 18 Boston, Massachusetts Eliminated in Episode 1
Helena Douglas 20 Dallas, Texas Eliminated in Episode 2
Naima Rodriguez 19 Lucky, Louisiana Eliminated in Episode 3
Amani Olsanu 18 New Jersey, New York
Verah Rowwan 23 Memphis, Tenessee Eliminated in Episode 4
Susan Taylor 23 South Centeral, California Eliminated in Episode 5
Hillary Bushnell 19 Miami, Florida Quit in Episode 5
Whitney Clear 18 New York, New York Eliminated in Episode 6
Kasia Moore 19 Buffalo, New York Eliminated in Episode 7
Isabell Watson 18 Fairbanks, Alaska Eliminated in Episode 8
Jnessa Anderson 20 North Hollywood, California Eliminated in Episode 9
Sydney Stefans 22 Chicago, Illinois Runner-Up
Keshia Smith 18 Harlem, New York Winner


Call Out Order

Tyra & Jasmine's Call Out Order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Jnessa Hillary Kasia Isabell Hillary Keshia Keshia Keshia Keshia Keshia
2 Keshia Sydney Verah Keshia Keshia Sydney Sydney Jnessa Sydney Sydney
3 Susan Kasia Keshia Kasia Jnessa Jnessa Jnessa Sydney Jnessa
4 Naima Verah Whitney Jnessa Isabell Isabell Isabell Isabell
5 Isabell Whitney Jnessa Sydney Kasia Kasia Kasia
6 Sydney Keshia Hillary Susan Whitney Whitney
7 Verah Jnessa Isabell Hillary Sydney
8 Hillary Amani Susan Whitney Susan
9 Helena Isabel Sydney Verah
10 Amani Susan Amani
11 Whitney Naima Naima
12 Kasia Helena
13 Yumika
  • In episode 2, Hillary was immune from being Eliminated and also nominated Naima for elimination
  • In episode 2, Naima was nominated for elimination.
  • In episode 5, Susan appeared at panel during the elimination ceremony to announce that se was going to quit the competition and Sydney and Whitney were saved from elimination.
  • In episode 6, It was revealed that Hillary quit the competition for personal reasons .

Photo Shoot Guide

  • Episode 1 Photoshoot: College Stereotypes
  • Episode 2 Photoshoot: Liana Sims
  • Episode 3 Photoshoot: Posing under a tunnel
  • Episode 4 Photoshoot: Malibu Swimsuits
  • Episode 5 Photoshoot: Avant Garde Beauty Shots


  • Tyra Banks
  • J.Alexander
  • Milton Davidson
  • Karolina Kurkova

Other Cast Members

  • Jay Manuel - Photo Director
  • Kaylah Peterson - Hair Stylist/ Star Model Agent


# Episode

Viewers (Thousands)

1 "The Girl Who Pledges" 9.4
2 "The Transformation" 3.6
3 "Everything's Compact" 2.2
4 "Malibu Beauties" 3.8
5 "'Face' Your Fears" 5.0

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