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Skye Sommers
The Selective Skye






Business Owner


Skye Andrews (birth name)
Skye Sommers (adoptive name)


Catherine Andrews (mother)
Reggie Andrews (father)
Milton Sommers (adoptive father)


Franky Werner (half-brother)
Veronica Andrews-Repel (adoptive sister)


Earl Gardner (ex-husband)
Jasper Centowski (ex-husband)
Kent Johnson (ex-husband)
Scott Gibson (ex-husband)
Scott Gibson (ex-husband)
Upton Howl (ex-husband)
Scott Gibson (husband; deceased)
Upton Howl (husband)


Upton Howl (love interest)
Derwood Halcoyn (ex-boyfriend)
Kevin McCain (ex-boyfriend)
Kent Johnson (ex-lover)
Bruce Buchman (one-night-stand)
Robert Roe (ex-fiance)
Alec Antonopolous (one-night-stand)


Gloria Gardner (daughter)
Serena Sommers (daughter)
Jesse Gibson (son)
Etta Howl (daughter)


Frances Cabot (grand-mother; deceased)
Walter Cabot (grand-father; deceased)
Trent Andrews (grand-father; deceased)
Estelle Andrews (grand-mother; deceased)
Alicia Swirl (aunt)
Travis Cabot (uncle)
Angela Andrews (aunt)
Candi Centowski (cousin)
David Swirl (adoptive cousin)


Skye Sommers (previously Andrews) is a sim in the fictional town of Sun-Crest Point.


Sun-Crest Point

Skye arrives in town just as Catherine Andrews is on the verge of reconciling for her past mistakes with her son, Franky Werner and siblings, Alicia Cabot and, Travis Cabot. Skye first meets Reggie Andrews and, they share a strange introduction where Skye solely introduces herself and leaves. Then She arrives on Catherine's doorstep and asks her all sorts of questions. Catherine begins to wonder why Skye is being so nosy about her past relationships. Then at Escobar Reyes gallery opening, Skye takes advantage of the opportunity of having the entire town there and reveals herself to be the daughter of Catherine and Reggie. This causes an uproar and Cathy reveals this to be true. She tells Reggie that the night she discovered his affair with Harry Repel was the day she found out she was pregnant by him. She never told him about the pregnancy and had given away the child, a girl, right after she was born... she didn't even name her. This is the thing that seems to break Reggie and Catherine's bond, as she kept such a big secret from him. Skye reveals that she was adopted and raised by a single man, Milton Sommers. Following her revelation, Reggie attempts to get to know his daughter and informs Skye that she has two siblings, Franky (by Catherine) and Veronica "Ronnie" by him and his partner, Harry. This secret only causes Franky, Alicia and Travis to again cut Catherine from their lives again. However, Skye comes to cathy's defense and encourages her newfound relatives to reconcile with her mother. Though she is glad to meet her new family, she tells them that she is a lucrative business woman in Arbor Acres and, must return. She encourages her father, mother, siblings and other relatives to come visit her and, that she emant no harm in coming to meet her family. Skye's debut sparks the departure of Catherine and Escobar who decide to move to France where Escobar can open a European Gallery and Reggie decides to go help those in Egypt and Harry decides he can do charity work with his music out there. Reggie and Harry take Ronnie, while Franky remains in Sun-Crest Point, now a young adult.

Arbor Acres

Skye returns to Arbor Acres after discovering her new family. She lives with her ailing father, Milton and, has just entered into a new contract to begin working with business tycoon and widower, Upton Howl. Skye takes over all of Upton's financial responsibilities at the business as he becomes the town's Mayor. Then when Hugh Ganon begins poking around asking questions about the mysterious death of Upton's wife, Hortense, Skye becomes suspicious as well about Mrs. Howl's death. Though, her suspicions are placed aside as she learsn that the corporation is failing. Skye then suggests to Upton that he merge is corporation with Halcoyn Enterprises. Upton agrees however, Winston Halcoyn, only agrees to the merger if one of his own resides over the company to ensure it's kept up well. Upton and Skye mutually agree and, Marylin Kincaid, arrives in town. Unfortunately, she and, Skye quickly come to blows with one another. Then when Marylin begins to flirt with Upton, as well as, spend time with his children, Skye finds herself experiencing jealousy and, realizes that she may have feelings for the widower that may or may not have killed his wife. Yet, Marylin soon develops a romantic relationship with Upton. Though Skye has feelings for the Mayor and, her boss, she decides to be the bigger person and, lets Marylin and Upton's romance blossom. She then meets a local patron named Earl Gardner. He is quick to romance Skye and, they begin seeing each other.

Sun-Crest Point II

  • Skye will return to Sun-Crest Point eventually. She is set to return in the wake of Jasper Centowski's death.