Star Canyon is a custom neighborhood created by Raven913. It uses the Desert version of the Viper Canyon terrain file. All the houses were built by Raven913, some modeled after houses from Pleasantview or Strangetown, or the lots and houses bin. The houses all carry the same distinct modern look, with white walls and black roofs which usually have at least some flat sections. Several houses have telescopes on their roofs.

Raven913 is seriously considering uploading Star Canyon to ModTheSims2.


Star: Consists of Alan Star, his wife Spica, and their son Neil. Alan's youngest sister, Hypatia, lives in a smaller house nearby.

Strange: Consists of Aidan Strange, a businessman, and his wife Carina, an adventurer who is the middle sibling of Alan and Hypatia Star. They have twin daughters named Estelle and Tara.

Lunare: Marama Lunare is a single woman with a distinctly Gothic style who lives with her daughter Ravenna, a Grim Reaper hybrid. Their last name is derived from the word "lunar." Marama is good friends with Hypatia Star.

Erikson: Sven Erikson is the mayor of Star Canyon. He is nearing the Elder phase and lives with his teenage daughter Brinja, who is dating Neil Star.

Kurosawa: Hiraku and Akane Kurosawa just moved to Star Canyon soon after getting married. They are both scientists. Hiraku has already become friends with Sven Erikson and Aidan Strange.

Bright: Claire lives in a small house with her two sons, Zane and Steven. Zane is dating Estelle Strange.

Jonson: Explorer 100101 is an alien. His wife Karenna is a doctor. Their son Evan is dating Tara Strange. Their daughter Vivian is a child with an A+ report card.

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