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Sun-Crest Point
[[[[Image: 250px]]
The Serene Sun-Crest Point.


Saul Brigham
Julius Orwell

Notable Businesses

Halcoyn & Howl, Inc.

Notable Families

Halcoyn Family
Cabot Family
Werner Family

Lead Cop

Travis Cabot
Chris McCain
Cassidy Free
Richard Lytner

Lead Doctor

Thea Green
Kevin McCain
Reggie Andrews


300 (confirmed)


Sun-Crest Point or SCP is a new dramatic and inter-personal series. It is designed like a soap-opera. Although instead of Sets and Parts it will consist of Storylines which will be longer versions of Parts/Episodes, so numerous space will not be taken up. There will be a variety of characters who endure many hardships and happy moments.

SCP, has been confirmed to be running for a full 300 Storyline Series.

SCP and, AA will return with updated Storylines as soon as March 3rd. And should be well updated by March 10.

Main Characters

Name Duration
Agatha Stone SCP: Storyline 1-Departs in Storyline 191
Winston Halcoyn SCP: Storyline 1-Present
Alicia Swirl SCP: Storyline 1-Present
Candi Centowski SCP: Storyline 1-Present
Ted Swirl SCP: Storyline 1-SCP: Storyline 23
SCP: Storyline 45 (guest appearance)
SCP: Storyline 61-Departs in Storyline 200
Jasper Centowski SCP: Storyline 2-SCP: Storyline 31
SCP: Storyline 70-Departs in Storyline 200
Arnold Werner SCP: Storyline 21-Present
Ralph Grendel SCP: Storyline 6-Present
Karen Collins SCP: Storyline 18-Present
Derwood Halcoyn SCP: Storyline 1-Present
Amanda Campbell SCP: Storyline 68-Present
Janet Brigham SCP: Storyline 82-Departs in Storyline 192
Ben Tenney SCP: Storyline 113-Departs in Storyline 191
Blake Dasani SCP: Storyline 109-Departs in Storyline 200
Cleo Enots SCP: Storyline 106-Present
Ray Jordan SCP: Storyline 118-Present
George Snyder SCP: Storyline 150-Present
Thea Green SCP: Storyline 150-Present
Travis Cabot SCP: Storyline 70-SCP: Storyline 150 (recurring)
SCP: Storyline 151-Present (regular)
Natasha Vern SCP: Storyline 1-SCP: Storyline 4
Returns in Storyline 190
Darrien Hex Returns in Storyline 170

Major Recurring Characters

Name Duration
Lila Kincaid SCP: Storyline 1-SCP: Storyline 35
SCP: Storyline 100-SCP: Storyline 136
SCP: Storyline 146 (guest appearance)
Ethan Irving SCP: Storyline 37-SCP: Storyline 106
Briefly Returns in Storyline 185
Tanya Rockford SCP: Storyline 125-Departs in Storyline 190
Bart Cooper SCP: Storyline 35-Present
Frances Cabot SCP: Storyline 37-SCP: Storyline 45
Richard Lytner SCP: Storyline 21-SCP: Storyline 40
SCP: Storyline 167 (guest appearance)
Diana Iago SCP: Storyline 56-SCP: Storyline 117
Rhonda Herman SCP: Storyline 58-SCP: Storyline 68
Barbara Swirl SCP: Storyline 45 (guest appearance)
SCP: Storyline 65-SCP: Storyline 115
Returns in Storyline 201
Skye Sommers SCP: Storyline 140-SCP: Storyline 150
Returns in Storyline 215
James Person SCP: Storyline 1-SCP: Storyline 6
SCP: Storyline 86-SCP: Storyline 115
SCP: Storyline 157-Present
Mitch Iago SCP: Storyline 56-SCP: Storyline 128
SCP: Storyline 171-Present
Natalie Crenshaw SCP: Storyline 159-Present
Chris McCain SCP: Storyline 40-SCP: Storyline 115
SCP: Storyline 173-Present (recurring)

Former Characters

Name Duration
Lucia Reyes Andrews SCP: Storyline 6-SCP: Storyline 27
SCP: Storyline 36-SCP: Storyline 43
SCP: Storyline 74-SCP: Storyline 80
SCP: Storyline 120-SCP: Storyline 121
Rosanna Halcoyn SCP: Storyline 10-SCP: Storyline 37
Cassidy Free SCP: Storyline 12-SCP: Storyline 40
SCP: Storyline 120-SCP: Storyline 167
William Halcoyn SCP: Storyline 1-SCP: Storyline 35
Daria Grendel SCP: Storyline 1-SCP: Storyline 53
SCP: Storyline 120-SCP: Storyline 121
Mike March SCP: Storyline 38-SCP: Storyline 68
SCP: Storyline 129-SCP: Storyline 150
John Cannery SCP: Storyline 12-SCP: Storyline 45
Luke Donovan SCP: Storyline 32-SCP: Storyline 66
SCP: Storyline 118 (guest appearance)
Mae Reyes SCP: Storyline 1-SCP: Storyline 80
SCP: Storyline 105-Departs in Storyline 190
Escobar Reyes SCP: Storyline 1-SCP: Storyline 80
SCP: Storyline 122-SCP: Storyline 150
Briefly Returns in Storyline 185
Harry Repel SCP: Storyline 30-SCP: Storyline 90
SCP: Storyline 113-SCP: Storyline 150
Mary Ann Maycourt SCP: Storyline 17-SCP: Storyline 95
SCP: Storyline 150-Present
Brian Maycourt SCP: Storyline 60-SCP: Storyline 95
Roxy Crowley SCP: Storyline 33-SCP: Storyline 100
SCP: Storyline 142-SCP: Storyline 150
Kevin McCain SCP: Storyline 42-SCP: Storyline 110
Bianca McCain SCP: Storyline 45-SCP: Storyline 110
Monica Bremmer SCP: Storyline 74-SCP: Storyline 130
Returns in Storyline 200
Jessica Iago SCP: Storyline 56-SCP: Storyline 130
Returns in Storyline 200
Mona Halcoyn SCP: Storyline 1-SCP: Storyline 25
SCP: Storyline 50-SCP: Storyline 150
Returns in Storyline 270
Chloe Talbot SCP: Storyline 22-SCP: Storyline 150
Returns in Storyline 200
Marylin Kincaid SCP: Storyline 100-SCP: Storyline 150
Catherine Andrews SCP: Storyline 6-SCP: Storyline 150
Briefly Returns in Storyline 185
Reggie Andrews SCP: Storyline 10-SCP: Storyline 150
Returns in Storyline 275
Sandra Kramer SCP: Storyline 27-SCP: Storyline 166
Donna Talbot Brigham SCP: Storyline 22-SCP: Storyline 177
Saul Brigham SCP: Storyline 79-SCP: Storyline 177

Major Antagonists

Name Storyline
William Halcoyn The demanding father of Winston, Ralph and, Marylin. Uses his status and money to manipulate those close to him and, to do as he commands.
Frances "Franny" Cabot The shrill and cold mother of Alicia and Cathy. Later revealed to be the The Sun-Crest Killer, responsible for at least 4 known deaths.
Tony Rossatino The criminal ex-husband of Donna and the father of Chloe. He is responsible for deaths and numerous crimes that occur throughout town.
Lila Kincaid The manipulative mother of Marylin. She assumes control over the town when her daughter takes her place as head of Halcoyn Enterprises.
Amanda Campbell An anti-hero she will walk over anyone who gets in her way and is not above seeking revenge on those who wrong her, particularly Candi.
Blake Dasani Leader of a satanic cult and attempts to use, Mae as a sacrafice. Also, attemps to kill: Marylin, Ben, Janet, Cassidy and, Candi. He murders, Hank Centowski and, Jasper.
George Snyder Attepted to kill, DeDe Halcoyn, in cahoots with Tanya Rockford. Sought revenge on the Halcoyn's for William Halcoyn's involvement in his families deaths.
Chloe Talbot Though originally a series protagonist, after Chloe is forced to leave town after aiding in her father's escape, she returns a changed person. Having endured a moral transformation, CHloe sets out to seek her own form of justice.


Series Super-Couples

The Sun Also Rises

The Sun Rises is a "mini-series" that is running to about 50-75 storylines in the time when Daria, William, Rosanna, Victor, Lucia and Franny were younger and show the events that perspired before the main series began.

Though only one storyline has been published then mini-series in it's entirety shall be fully published by the end of March 2011.