Suzanne Todd
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Suzanne Todd








Suzanne Schwann (maiden name)
Suzanne Todd (married name)


Alec Todd (husband)


Ken Rossim (ex-boyfriend)
Gerald Jugo (ex-fiance)
Mystery Sim (ex-lover)


Davis Schwann (son)


Sigrid Wilt (grand-daughter)
Jacque Schwann (grand-son)
Anya Platz (grand-daughter)
Percy Schwann (grand-son)
Astrid Schwann (grand-daughter)


Suzanne Todd (nee Schwann) is a Sim in the town of Pineview. In the beginning she has a son, Davis, with a Mystery ex-lover. She is known for sleeping around. She finds an attraction to new neighbor, Ken Rossim. When Bonnie, who was also competing for his affections, finds out she breaks up with Ken allowing him to date Suzanne, however, Ken chooses Bonnie.

After Gerald and Florentina's divorce she offered him a place to stay. The soon became involved romantically and even engaged. Gerald was good and served as a father figure for Davis. Until Suzanne found out Gerald still loved Flo and had been seeing her he then left Suzanne at the altar. Though Suzanne has had many lovers she then meets Alec Todd and they begin a meerly woohooish relationship. He is her most noted lover, but un-beknownst to Suzanne he wants more. This leads to him proposing to Suzanne. She gleefully accepts and the two marry. She then breaks off with her other less notable lovers, as she begins a new life with her young and new husband. She has no knowledge of Alec's past actions and that he has a daughter, Olga. But will Suzanne be his next victim?


Later when Alec finds Olga, alive along with her mother and his thought dead second wife, Alberta, he decides it is time to end his relationship with Suzanne, permanently. When Suzanne leaves for work the next morning, Alec makes a complete mess of the house leaving dirty dishes and trash all over the place. The house soon becomes infested with flies. Alec then leaves for work, giving him an alibi. When Suzanne arrives home, before Alec. She walks in the house and before she even has a chance to run she is consumed and killed by the flies...