Suzie Custer
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Suzie Custer






SCIA/Law Enforcement


Suzie Alido (first married name)
Suzie Custer (second/third married name)


Cyrus Alido (ex-husband; deceased)
Blare Custer (ex-husband)
Blare Custer (husband)


Ken Rossim (ex-fiance)


Dahlia Alido (daughter)


Nerissa Hart (grand-daughter)


Suzie Custer (previously Alido) is a Sim in the downloadable town of Pineview. She is not there in the beginning but moves in later. She used to live in Pineview and left, mysteriously. She has since returned, divorced and with her daughter, Dahlia. It was later discovered that the reason she left in the first place was because of her job in the SCIA. When she moved back she knew Bonnie but had not known the other negihbors. She clashed with Anita right away as both were domestic types. They soon became friends despite their differences and she joined their group as the sixth member. She began to date a Sim named Blare Custer and the two became serious however, when he proposed Suzie rejected him and the two broke up as she was still hung up over her divorce.

She is a suprise guest at her daughter's suprise wedding and is shown to be very happy and is seen hugging both her daughter and new son-in-law. Days after she becomes an Elder with the rest of the girls and jed and Gerald, Blare re-appears, now as an Elder. He and Suzie rekindle their relationship. After she and Blare reunite her ex-husband, Cyrus Alido, returns to stir up trouble forming the stories next story arc.

Cyrus Returns

After Cyrus returns he constantly begins to bug Suze always being at her house and asking questions about Blare, They eventually get into a fight in which Cyrus wins. Suzie tells him to leave but he snickers that he'll be back. Cyrus begins to make friends with everyone in town which upsets Sauzie, she confronts him again and this time he tells her to back off and throws a drink in her face. Then as Suzie walks away a buble can be seen about Cyrus's head with Suzie's picture and a tombstone. The next night Suzie is home alone as Blare is at work, Cyrus comes over and once again confronts Suzie about everything, the divorce, taking Dahlia and leaving. He then leaves. On his lot though he has purchased the Weathernought machine and he begins to make it hail which it does the entire next day, While both Suzie and Blare are st work Cyrus sneaks over and quickly locks all of Suzie's doors, while it is still hailing. When she arrives home Cyrus confronts her for the last time and and then runs away to not be hurt by the hail, before he can get off her lot Blare returns and fights Cyrus and wins. By this time Cyrus has been out in the hail storm too long and just as Blare beats him he and Suzie seek refuge in their green house as all the doors are locked. After the fight though, before Cyrus can get off the lot he is killed by the hail.

After Cyrus's death, Blare asks Suzie to marry him again, this time she accepts. They have a rather long engagement stretching out to about 10 days. Anita plans their wedding, They are married on a spring afternoon with all their friends and neighbors attending.

She also knew Peggy Youth.

The Fire

Suzie and Blare attend Melissa's grand-opening and after party. They run into Dahlia, Adam and Nerissa and they have a gay-old family time. When the fire breaks out they all flee and manage to make it out ok. Blare then becomes depressed and scared as he almost dies, as did they all. He gets fired and needs constant visits from the social bunny and they psych-therapist. This then makes Suzie question the status of her marriage... (Cliff-hanger)

The Next Generation

Whent he stories resume 5 years later, it is revealed that Suzie and Blare divorced due to his constant aspiration break-dowsn. She later began a romance with Ken Rossim, they now live together. She begins to pressure Ken into marriage, due to her constant loneliness over the past 5 years. Ken is hesitant because he cares for Suzie but still loves his ex-wife, Bonnie. When Bonnie announces her and Hans engagement, Ken, out of guilt, proposes to Suzie. She accepts, despite the fact that she has doubts about her and Ken's relationship.

When Hans leaves Bonnie at the altar Ken rushes to Bonnie's side and Suzie witnesses them share a kiss. She then realizes they belong together and that love knows no bounds. She and Ken break-up on good terms and they re-marry. Suzie then leaves Pineview to see things through with Blare, wrapping up Suzie's story. Her daughter then recieves word that Suzie has died. When she recieves Suzie's ashes the name on the grave reads, "Suzie Custer" meaning that when seh went to see Blare they re-married. Then a day later, Dahlia recieves Blare's ashes.