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Teresa Capones (née Milenio) is a CAS sim living in Strangetown. She is the husband of the late Alberto Capones and the mother of Ranier Capones. She is the best friend of Maria Cassandra Grunt. She has been abducted by aliens two times. She recently died of fright after she is kidnapped by the same person who killed her spouse.


Teresa Milenio Capones, Tweisa as called by her peers, is a friendly, smart, and somewhat hyperactive person. The weird thing is that she has been abducted twice and lived to tell a tale. Her husband, Alberto, has been kidnapped by their college buddy named Salvador Baje, and from then on Teresa's tears go down as she witnessed her husband's death.


Salvador's crew met two sisters, one of which is a vampire. At morning, the vampire slept in the coffin, then her sister dared her to peek at it. Several peeks later, she died of fright.

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Teresa Capones
Name Teresa Capones
Gender Female
Life stage Adult
Aspiration Knowledge
Sign Aquarius

Parents unknown
Sibling(s) none
Spouse(s) Alberto Capones
Child(ren) Ranier Capones

Neighborhood Strangetown