The Orlando Family is a big family in Pleasantview. Teresa Orlando (spawned her a pregnancy) had a baby boy named Marcus and he grew up and married Niah Richardo-Martinez. They had 3 children Tommy, Christina, and Dunkin. Shortley after Dunkin's birth, Niah had died. Soon after Marcus looked into little Dunkin's eyes, he began to redate and wanted his son to have a mother. Finally, he found the girl (Jennail Treico). He and Jennail married. Soon, Marcus told his son stories about his biological mother. Soon, Tommy had to attend college. He went to Sim State University and graduated in Physicists. Tommy married Lucy Burb and they are expecting a child. Marcus soon transitioned into an elder. Christina went to college and got a degree in Literature. But Christina had a housefire and it burned her house down and she is deceased now. Dunkin went to college and graduated in Paranormal. Marcus and Jennail had 5 kids before aging into elder (Gary, Jennicor, Niah, Jon Smith, Bella). Gary is in college, Jennicor is a teenager, Niah is a teenager, Jon Smith and Bella are children. Marcus is dying soon and Jennail isn't even an elder yet.

Family Members

  • Marcus Orlando
  • Jennail Treico-Orlando
  • Tommy Orlando
  • Lucy Burb-Orlando
  • Dunkin Orlando
  • Gary Orlando
  • Jennicor Orlando
  • Niah Orlando
  • Jon Smith Orlando
  • Bella Orlando


  • Teresa Orlando
  • Niah Orlando (nee` Ricardo-Martinez)
  • Christina Orlando
  • Unborn child of Christina Orlando