Sims 2 Next Top Model
Format: Sims 2 reality web show
Produced by: D.Republic Productions
Created by: Incredibledarlz04
Inspired from: CWTV America's Next Top Model
Judges: :
  • Bella Goth
  • Tyra Banks (Cycle 2-present)
  • J.Alexander (cycle 3- present)
  • Nigel Barker (cycle 3- present)
  • Paulina Porizkova (cycle 3- present)
No. of seasons:3
'No. of Episodes:
Episodes: Weekly
Length 7- 20minutes (depends on each episodes)
Website for streaming: YouTube (2007-present)
Original run: May 28 2007 -present
Cycle Winners
Cycle 1:Tanusha Turlington
Cycle 2:Jane
Cycle 3:TBA
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Sims 2 Next Model Is a simulated version of "The Cw's: America's Next Top Model" that is created by a Fillipino Director incredibledalrz04(machinima director). The first 2 cycles did not cleary explain the prizes or have reward challenges but they all got high ratings and thousands of views. Cycle 3 became one of the most viewed " Sims Top Model franchises across the globe. Cycle 4 was the first cycle to hold applications and it had recieved over 100 applications.


Cycle 1 Summaries

Cycle 2 Summaries

Cycle 3 Summaries

No. Of Contestant's: 15
No. Of Finalists: 11
Country Base: Los Angeles CA
Hosted By: Tyra Banks
International Destination: Beijing , China

Call Out Order

Tyra’s Callout Order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
01 Arianna Arianna Arianna Gabriela Gabriela Alondra Meredith Alondra Alondra Meredith
02 Hayden Audrey Fondara Angelique Audrey Angelique Alondra Meredith Meredith Alondra
03 Zurella Gabriela Hayden Meredith Angelique Audrey Audrey Audrey Audrey
04 Angelique Joanne Audrey Alondra Meredith Gabriela Gabriela Gabriela
05 Felicity Hayden Joanne Fondara Arianna Meredith Angelique
06 Fondara Meredith Meredith Arianna Alondra Arianna
07 Audrey Zurella Gabriela Audrey Fondara
08 Meredith Angelique Alondra Hayden
09 Alondra Fondara Zurella Joanne
10 Gabriela Alondra Angelique
11 Joanne Felicity
12 Norine
13 Meaghan
14 Qurelle
15 Kaycee

  • In Episode 1 , the group of 15 models which was originally supposed to be reduced to 12 was reduced to eleven.
  • In Episode 3, Zurella decided to quit the competition for Angelique to have a second chance.
  • In Episode 4 , Joanne showed unacceptable attitude towards the judging panel and was given the decision to quit.
  • Episode 6 , the remaining Models went to Beijing , China

Cycle 4

Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 Taylor Natasha Tara Tara Tara Morgan Casey Erica Erica Tara Olivia Tara Tara
2 Olivia Morgan Charolette Olivia Taylor Natasha Erica Casey Taylor Erica Tara Erica Erica
3 Brandy Demitri Erica Mary-Ann Casey Tara Olivia Natasha Olivia Olivia Erica Olivia
4 Charolette Mary-Ann Natasha Taylor Erica Mary-Ann Taylor Taylor Casey Casey Casey
5 Erica Sydney Morgan Morgan Olivia Taylor Morgan Olivia Tara Taylor
6 Demitri Olivia Taylor Charloette Sydney Erica Natasha Tara Natasha
7 Casey Taylor Casey Natasha Morgan Casey Tara Morgan
8 Mary-Ann Tara Demitri Sydney Natasha Olivia Mary-Ann
9 Natasha Brandy Mary-Ann Casey Mary-Ann Sydney
10 Lindsay Charolette Olivia Erica Charloette
11 Tara Erica Sydney Demitri
12 Morgan Casey Brandy
13 Sydney Lindsay

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