The Sims 3: Fast and Furious is a near-future expansion pack for The Sims 3 as it explores more on the Sims's personal cars, new cars, first driving experience, new careers, and new objects.


Fast and Furious adds a whole new varitey of new objects such as the stop sign, traffic lights, mobile trailer, mobile homes, fishing boats, tire pump, gas jugs, and more.


A first, now you can actually drive the cars with your sims in them. And control the car: go to work, go home, go anywhere.

New Cars

The sims have more cars: trucks, sedans, vans, and new mobile trailers and boats to choose from to own. As well new, limos, ambulance trucks, as well the known career cars that pick your sims up for work is also there and a first you can own them. Limos, tanks, helicopters, SWAT trucks, semi-trucks are also available.

New Lots

Fast and Furious adds a new community lot Raceland, and as well new community lots: Gas station and Race Stadium.

New Build and Buy Features

You can now build a new parking lot, and also add roadways, bridges, tunnel, Nascar-theme objects, and more.

New Careers

Your sims can now work in new career paths: Racing, Stunt, and Fishing; and as well new career promtions in previous careers: law enforcement, crime, military, science, politics, journalism, business, entertainment, culinary, medical, athletic, and gardening.