Even though the player, Artis Boswell, has been involved with The Sims franchise since it’s release in 2000, the Thompson family didn’t come into existence until the release of The Sims 2. “In The Sims, you make a sim, get married, and your child stays a child forever and your original sim lives forever. However, in The Sims 2, every sim ages and sims die from old age. From that, a properly functioning family could be created & continue a bloodline.” Artis played The Sims with random Create a Sim (CAS) characters, but none of them had a personality until Lulu Bun was created. “Lulu Bun was like my simself (a sim modeled after the player) and how I would like to live my life & dreams. She went from rags to riches within a few hours along with trying quite a lot of custom content (CC) to suit the real world.” Artis played with Lulu Bun until the release of The Sims 2. During that waiting period, Lulu achieved the highest ranks in her career paths along with taking multiple vacations. “For some reason I never married Lulu with any sim. She was always single with no kids whatsoever. She was just a free woman and she never aged a day. That’s quite a dream to have for most people (laughs).” With the possibility of aging incorporated into The Sims 2, Artis made the very first sim another simself. This time, her name was Amelia Thompson & she was also created with Cephas Thompson. “To be honest, I’ve never created a sim other than Amelia Thompson. I would restart a family, create Amelia, something goes wrong, and I would restart the Thompson family again. I’ve probably recreated Amelia 7 or 8 times before I finally stopped the recreating and just played the game without fear of “screwing up” the Thompson family.” This final Thompson family was created in July 2007 with the creation of Amelia Thompson, her husband Cephas, & their only child Vince. Thus, the Thompson family started it’s bloodline and continues to this day. As Artis plays the game with other fellow simmers (people who play The Sims), she wants to emphasize the Thompson family is not a legacy. “If you want to call it a legacy, that’s fine, but I’m not keeping score of anything besides how many times I can sneak out this teen before he gets caught (laughs).”


“Even though all of the members of the Thompson family look very similar (if not exactly alike), each member has their own distinct personality & goals. If I didn’t create those personalities, the sims will seem like robots to me and the game would not be as fun to me.” Artis has taken great detail as to how she describes each character from their traits to their achievements to downright telling the tale of their lives as best as she can remember. “I’ve only recently started documenting their lives. So, when I write an article on Cephas Thompson, I can only provide a description of him & not his life story since I don’t have that information documented. However, there will be a full & detailed article about Madeline Thompson because she is part of the most recent generation.”


“Just like the transition from The Sims (which Artis still plays) to The Sims 2, I will start anew in The Sims 3. Lulu Bun is the star of The Sims & the Thompsons are the stars of The Sims 2. To add something new to my gaming life, I’ve decided to use the surname of Boswell instead of Thompson. This way, it will fit in with the prequel setting of The Sims 3 and the story will probably be somewhere along the lines that the Thompsons were once Boswells except Amelia Boswell married Cephas Thompson.