Antonia "Toni" Youth (nee Shell) is a Sim in the town of Pineview. In the beginning she is a madi that you can hire to clean your house. She is currently friends with the Jugo's and Youth's. After the death of Peggy Youth She is asked by Peggy's widower Marlin Youth to move in and serve as a live-in maid and nanny for Darwin and the home. She does and remains a steady member of their family until Darwin is a bout half-way through his teenage years. She then announces that she is moving out, and not just out of the Youth home but out of Pineview. However, before she leaves she and Marlin kiss, signifying their hidden love for each other. They develop crushes on each other. Toni then moves and leaves Marlin and Darwin behind.

Return to Pineview

Toni returned on Marlin's birthday. He had just been dumped by Dagmar the day before. She brings along with her, her now child-age son, Ernest. Upon her arrival she and Marlin share a passionate kiss, and this time they fall in love with each other. She gives him a gift for his birthday, the Elixir of Life. He drinks some which allows him to say young for a few more days making him and Toni the same age. She and Ernest then move-in. After three days of living together Marlin takes Toni to dinner at the prestigious "Pineview House" restaurant and proposes, she accepts. A week later they wed in Pineview park with the entire neighborhood attending saying It is what Peggy would have wanted, her ghost was there and appeared happy. Toni and Marlin then begin their life as a happy couple.

She and Marlin toyed with the idea of having a child together, but they ultimately decided not to. Their marriage has hit a snag when Ernest aged into a teenager and has begun asking questions about his father, an un-known Sim who Toni knew back when she moved away. Later on more of Toni's past is revealed, while she was away she was a maid for a wealthy Business Tycoon, Byron Shin. They engaged in an affair which culminated in Ernest's birth. This maked Ernest and Melissa half-siblings. Toni becomes extremely worried as she has kept this from Marlin and that if she were to tell him he might leave her.

The Fire

She tells Marlin about the affair when Clara interrogates Ernest one night. When they attend Melissa's party they get in a fight and announce plans to seperate. When the fire breaks out she and Marlin are seperated but are reunited after they get out. They then decide to reconcile.

The Next Generation

When the stories pick up 5 years later, Toni and Marlin are still happily married and living together peacefully. Toni has now been accepted by the other housewives and has become a member of their group. She and Marlin take a trip to the Sim-Ji Isles and upon their return spend one final night together before they pass away together. This ends the Toni/Marlin story.

Toni Youth
Hi! My name is Toni Shell!
Name Toni Youth
Gender Female
Life stage Elder
Aspiration Fortune
Sign Gemani

Spouse(s) Marlin Youth (husband; deceased)
Byron Shin (ex-lover; deceased)
Child(ren) Ernest Shell (son)
Darwin Youth (step-son)
Valerie Youth (step-daughter-in-law)

Neighborhood Pineview