Travis Cabot
The Traveling Travis






Secret Agent
Kitchen Scullion


Travis Walker (former name)
Travis Cabot (legal name)


Nadia Walker (mother)
Walter Cabot (father; deceased)
Alvin Walker (step-father)


Alicia Cabot (half-sister)
Catherine Cabot (half-sister)


Amanda Campbell (ex-wife)
Thea Green (ex-wife)
Carly Tellando (wife)


Joyce Welter (ex-girlfriend)
Roxy Crowley (ex-girlfriend; deceased)
Amanda Campbell (one-night-stand)
Thea Green (lover)


Preston Cabot (son)


Candi Cabot (niece)
Franky Werner (nephew)
Skye Sommers (niece)
David Swirl (adoptive nephew)


Travis Cabot (previously Walker) is a sim in the fictional town of Sun-Crest Point.


Years ago when Walter Cabot, the father of Alicia Cabot and Catherine Andrews, had an affair he cheated on his homocidal wife, Frances Cabot, with a woman named Nadia Walker, who at the time was not married. After Franny discovered the affair she went over the edge and killed Walter. Nadia soon discovered after his death that she was pregnant but did not want to raise the baby alone. She then mat and married a man named Alvin Walker, who raised her son, Travis, as if he were his own son. It is revealed that after hearing of Walter's death Nadia fled town out of fear of her own life. But when Alicia told Franny to leave after discovering that she was The Sun-Crest Killer, she planted evidence pointing to a man named Dexter Iago so he would look like the killer and then went after Nadia. She didn't know the child was Walter's until looking at him and seeing her deceased husband in him. She then tried to finish off Nadia and Travis, when Alicia arrives to stop her mother and in the process Alicia and Travis finish Franny off themselves and Nadia reveals to them that they are in reality half-siblings. After Travis breaks up with his girlfriends, Joyce, he changed his name from Walker to Cabot and moves to Sun-Crest Point so he can get to know the family he never knew. He enlists in the military and is hired as a grunt at Sun-Crest's newly renovated military base where he meets his superior officer, Roxy Crowley.

An attraction quickly develops between the two. However, Roxy is still hurting from her work relationship with Chris McCain and refuses to get involved with another co-worker. As a way to destroy their attraction towards one another Roxy, begins to press Travis with a great deal of pressure. Though this causes him to become angry as he is treated like dirt, he confronts Roxy one evening in her chambers. She orders him to leave and they begins to argue and their bickering leads to a kiss and a woo hoo romp in Roxy's office. After this Travis desires for them to be together but Roxy is hesitant feeling she is setting herself up for anguish yet again and tells him that as long as they are working together they can not be together. Just as it seems any possibility of a romance between them is gone, the following day Travis quits his job and leaves the service. This then permits he and Roxy to begin a relationship and they begin dating. He then gets a job as Karen Collins cafe as a waiter. He also gets to know his niece, Candi Cabot and nephew, Franky Werner. Though Travis begins to fall in love with Roxy, she still harbors feelings for Chris and they relationship begins to become strained as Roxy pulls away from Travis. She and Chris try multiple times to profess their love to each other but they are too stuborn to do so.

Then one night Roxy dumps Travis and reveals that she has been rpomoted to astronaut and will be leaving to go into space in a matter of days. Travis is hurt and attempts to reconcile but then realizes Roxy's feelings for Chris and he decides to tell Chris that he and Roxy both need to man up and be honest with each other... before she leaves. However, when Travis goes to speak to Chris he is angrily confronted by an over emotional Det. McCain and in a fit of anger Travis decides to not tell Chris that Roxy is leaving. Then Travis begins a relationship with Candi's arch enemy, Amanda Campbell. Alas, his feelings are being toyed with once again as Mandy is only using him as a way to seek revenge against Candi for taking Jasper Centowski away from her. Travis continues to get more and more serious with Amanda. Then when Franky, Haley and Emma are kidnapped Travis persuedes Chris to let him help in the investigation. Eventually the two men find the children and with the help of the Halcoyn's they manage to save them. In the height of the kidnapping Travis becomes angry that neither of his sister's called him. He goes as far as to accuse them of not liking him. The Cabot sibilings then bond but Travis and Alicia quickly turn against Catherine after learning what she did to Ralph Grendel and Sandra Kramer's daughter, Emma.

Travis then becomes temporanry guardina of Franky who also disowns his mother and stays with Travis when Alicia and Ted Swirl leave to go on a book tour. He learns of Candi's engagement and congratulates her. However, this once more spurs jealousy in Amanda ahd she asks Travis if he would like to marry her. He accepts and the two become engaged. Then after Amanda learns of Candi and Jasper moving their wedding up, she marries Travis privately one evening. Travis then becomes elated with his wife and seemingly perfect life. However, it begins to slowly deteriorate but, Travis is constantly busy to see it. He becomes preoccupid by Mae Reyes attack and arson, as well as the attacks on Marylin Kincaid and Ben Tenney, to notice that Amanda has feelings for Derwood Halcoyn. Then it is Catherine who catches Amanda and Derwood in an intense kiss and soon after Candi learns as well, however, both women remain hesitant to tell Travis for some reason or another. Soon Amanda and Derwood's feelings errupt into an affair. Derwood then unites with Candi to discover what Lila Kincaid has on Amanda to make her so evil. They travel to the far easy where Lila reveals that Amanda was once married before and had a daughter, Cara, with her ex-husband, Herb Colson. Yet, after givivng birth, Amanda abandoned them, met Jasper and began a new life.

Furious with Amanda, Derwood ends their affair and tells Travis everything. Travis then confronts Amanda and divorces her. He then takes a more diabolical turn and invites Herb and a now child aged Cara to come to town. Forcing Amanda to confront the man and child she walked out on years ago. Travis then learns that Candi and Catherine knew of the affair and said nothing to him, leading to him again feeling like his sister's don't look at him as a Cabot. Alicia tells Travis that Candi tried to tell her but, she stopped her by mistake and, that she is so sorry. Travis is deeply hurt by Amanda's betrayal and, contemplates leaving Sun-Crest Point to be with his ailing mother after learning of his step-father's death. However, Nadia soon comes to town herself to visit her son. She origninally comes to meet his wife but, it put off when she learns of their divorce. She also makes ammends with Alicia and, thanks her for having saved her life from Franny a few years ago. Travis then meets, Thea Green, when he is in a scuffle during work. As she treats his wounds they form a mutual attraction. While they tip toe around their feelings the return of Travis's wayward mother only brings them closer together as they finally declare their love for one another.

When the pair become engaged, Travis soon realizes he doesn't have the money to afford a lavish wedding that Thea would like. He then takes a bribe from Natalie Crenshaw to afford the wedding in exchange for making the evidence against her in Emma Grendel's kidnapping go away. The pair soon marry, but Travis's guilt gets to him. However, the pair have a relatively happy marriage. Yet, they grow apart as Travis deals with his mother's personal crisis, and Thea engages in a heated rivalry with Monica Bremmer. During this Amanda discovers Jasper Centowski is in fact alive and wanting to spurn Candi's true happiness, she seduces Travis into making the evidence of him being alive go away. While Travis hesitates, he ultimately sleeps with Amanda to get back at Derwood for stealing her from him years ago. Feeling his marriage to Thea is over he reveals his affair, tells Derwood, and divorces Thea. While Travis and Thea blame each other for the downfall of their marriage, in secret they both remain in love with each other. Following this, Travis draws in the attention of the much younger Carly Tellando. She successfully manages to seduce him, resulting in a pregnancy.

Initially against marriage, Travis talks about raising the child alone but knowing Carly wants to raise the child too, they agree to marry. Though at the time they both agree to being in a loveless union, after the birth of their son, Preston Cabot Travis and Carly grow fond of each other. However, Travis and Thea and Carly and Nick Lytner remain in love with each other. And following an incident with Preston Travis calls Thea who comes to aid where the two share a close moment that ends in a single kiss. The event soon leads Travis and Thea into an affair, and after Carly finds out she intends to use it to get full custody of Preston, and take everything of Travis's from him. However, these plans are halted when Blake Dasani returns and midst the hoopla the two are thrown back together. Unsure of their feelings they both agree to divorce but the town is ignited by Blake's followers. As Travis and the rest of the police unite to stop the mad man, Travis is killed in the blaze, Thea discovers his deceased body and weeps for the man she loved. Following his funeral, Thea tells Candi Cabot that she never got to tell Travis she still loved him, but CAndi assures her he knew.

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