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Erin was once a roomate of Lola and Chloe Curious-Smith and Kristin Loste. But Erin got a job as a test subject and quickly moved in with her brother and sister-in-law. There, she met Nervous Subject. they quickly became friends and fell in love. but one Saturday night in Summer, Nervous and Erin were having dinner when Nervous proposed to her and they moved in with Nervous's family. They got married and adopted an orphaned baby girl named Laura. When Laura was a todder, Erin got pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl named Sasha. When Laura was a child and Sasha was a toddler, Erin had got pregnant again. She gave birth to a son Brandon. Currently, Nervous and Erin are living with Nervous's mother Olive and their three kids: Laura (child, A+, Private School), Sasha (child, B, Private School), Brandon (toddler)
Erin Beaker Subject
Name Erin Beaker Subject
Gender Female
Life State Human
Life stage Adult
Aspiration Popularity

Specter-Nigmos Family
Parents Gundrun Beaker, Bjorn Beaker (both deceased)
Sibling(s) Loki Beaker(deceased)
Spouse(s) Nervous Subject
Child(ren) Laura Subject (adopted), Sasha Subject, Brandon Subject

Neighborhood Strangetown