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Nervous Subject is a father of 3. He works as a team leader in the science career track. His good friend Pascal Curious gave him the job. Anyway, Nervous was origanally living with the beakers but once Loki's sister Erin moved in Nervous and Erin became great friends as they both had never been in a relationship. Shortly, Nervous and Erin fell in love and Nervous propsed. Erin accepted and they moved in with Nervous's mother Olive and cousin Ophelia for their wedding. Eventually, Nervous and Erin married after 2 days in the house. The day before their wedding, Nervous's cousin Ophelia fell pregnant and moved out shortly after so she can enough room for a baby. Nervous and Erin quickly adopted an infant girl named Laura. Laura soon turned into a toddler and Erin was pregnant. After 9 months she gave birth to a daughter Sasha. When Laura was a child and Sasha was a toddler, Erin got pregnant again to a son named Brandon. Currently, Sasha and Laura are children and Brando just turned into a toddler.
Nervous Subject Specter
Name Nervous Subject Specter
Gender Male
Life State Human
Life stage Adult
Aspiration Family
Sign Tauras

Specter-Nigmos Family
Parents Olive Specter
Sibling(s) None
Spouse(s) Erin Specter Subject
Child(ren) Laura Subject (adopted), Sasha Subject, Brandon Subject

Neighborhood Strangetown