Vince Thompson
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Vital statistics
Title 2nd Leader of the Thompson family
Gender Male
Life state Sim
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Status Deceased
Neighborhood Pleasantview

Vince Thompson is the only child of Amelia & Cephas Thompson. Because he is the only child, Vince had no competition in being chosen as the new leader of the Thompson family. Vince is also the husband of Nikki Thompson and the father of Adam & Eve Thompson. Vince is calm & caring as he is cunning & calculating (no doubt a trait from his parents). This is made true on how his two children are treated differently from each other and how his wife is more of a requirement than a want.


Born to Amelia & Cephas Thompson, Vince was brought up in a world where money & success was valued over family. Growing up with his parents never around forced Vince to come up with many different ways to entertain himself. Oddly enough, the best method of entertainment was future planning. Vince knew that by the time he was born, it was only a manner of a couple of days before his parents were elderly. Keeping that in mind, Vince obeyed his parents & waited for their liking to sway in his favor. By the time of this father's death, Vince was already dating a longtime girlfriend, Nikki Borgofi. Not long after this, Vince's patience paid off with the death of this mother, Amelia. Because he had gained their trust & closet friendship, Vince was left with a large amount of money; not only the household amount, but money from the insurance agency. With his tightwad parents out of the way, Vince married Nikki & moved out of his childhood home. Vince bought a large home & started his family as to try and raise his children better than Vince himself was raised.


Vince is loving toward his children but slightly distant from his wife, Nikki. However, this does not lead to them fighting nor breaking up. Nikki soon comes to realize that Vince is mainly focused on their children, Adam & Eve. Throughout their childhood, Adam & Eve were treated equally until Eve moved out for college. Once again, Vince pulled out a plan he made when he was a teenager. This plan involved the preparation of Adam to be the leader while his older sister was away. Once Eve came back from college, Adam was a teenager and promised to be the leader over his sister. Eve was upset at this, but just as easily Vince rebuked his parent's decisions to save money, Vince sent Eve away with her current boyfriend, Scott Paymore. As an elder, Vince was kind and generous toward both of his children, and grandchildren. Overtime, Eve forgave her father and Vince apologized.


Vince is the 2nd Leader of the Thompson family with Amelia Thompson being the 1st.

Vince is the father of Adam & Eve Thompson.