Violet Deux Deveraux is a sim living alone in her bayou shack in the swampy, coastal section in Gunn Cove. People around come to her shack if they have needs, such as fortune-telling and spiritual help.

Early Life

Violet Deveraux was born Violet Deux, from an ex-slave father Scott Deux and a fortune-teller mother Margona Deux. Her father escaped from his employer's mansion and retreated with his family to Gunn Cove. His mother, Felicity Deux, and Margona's brother, Leroy Bolde, also came along their journey. As the town grows, so does Violet. She learnt a lot from her mother and grandmother at that time, and carried on the family tradition of fortune-telling. Her father died at the age of 102, of GPD (Guinea Pig Disease). Her mother had died much earlier in her 50's. Her family graveyard is hidden deep near the swamps of Gunn Cove.


Violet is very skinny, with silvery hair flowing down from her head. She wears a black turban, a long black dress, and hard black boots. She has bony cheeks and mysterious grey eyes.

Pets and Familiars

She has a familiar named "Cricketcrack". She rarely summons it, due to the little time she has to do the potion. She has a pet raven named Sheryl (named after Sheryl Crow), when she died, she replaced her with Fred, and when he died he replaced him with Fred the II.

Violet Deux Deveraux
Violet is the town's own witch/psychic/paranormal/voodoo lady. Some people around the neighborhood consider her strange. She should know strange, her husband was one
Name Violet Deux Deveraux
Gender Female
Life State Witch
Life stage Elder
Aspiration Knowledge
Sign Scorpio

Parents Scott Deux (deceased) and Margona Deux (deceased)
Child(ren) None

Neighborhood Gunn Cove